Tuesday, March 16, 2010


FX1 course at 20 Upper Circular Road, Riverwalk Galleria. B1-26/29 S(058416)

$298 for two days (Up $2,888, or 1st 50 $318.86)
1) Understand what is FOREX
2) How to profit immediately with simple strategies
3) Trading Platform Orientation
4) State of Mind
5) Essential Money Management
6) Trade the real market

Registration website http://fmi2010-mk.eventbrite.com/

The Company is FX1 Academy http://www.fx1academy.com

The previous owner is www.BestForExpert.com.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Advance Trading Tools - Jeffrey Tie

Jeffrey Tie
With more than 25 years of experience in financial markets, Jeffery’s stock market career began in 1977 with JM Sassoon and continued with Kim Eng Securities. During his time in Stock-broking, Jeffery witnessed many cycles of boom and bust, including the 1987 meltdown in worldwide equity markets. In 1997, Jeffery joined Refco Singapore. During this time he developed new expertise in International Futures Markets and FX.
Jeffery’s experience and training during his time at both Stock Broking and Futures Broking enhanced his understanding of Technical Analysis and Trading. This expertise was augmented by his association and friendship with Ray Barros, a well known Fund Manager and Trading Coach. Jeffery’s expertise in Technical Analysis was recognized by the Singapore Exchange who has invited Jeffery to its panel of Educators. Jeffery consistently gets very positive feedback from local as well as foreign attendees of his seminars and courses.
Besides Singapore, Jeffery has spoken to International audiences in Jakarta, Mumbai and Sri Lanka.

Jeffery is also an instructor registered with the International Shinkendo Federation. The ISF is an organization that promotes Japanese swordsmanship and martial arts. This interest has allowed Jeffery to notice the similarity between the Philosophy of Martial Arts and the Philosophy of Trading. He has written a 3-part article on this topic for Chartpoint Magazine just before the magazine ceased publication.

Course Duration:
3 Full Days - A full weekend followed by a practical session on Monday
Course Fees:
S$2,200.00 10% Discount for attendees of C1 & C2
Programme Highlights:
Day 1
1 Elements of Successful Trading  a. Winning Psychology
  b. Professional money management
     i. Risk and Money management to enhance SURVIVAL in the trading jungle
     ii. Winning Trade Management
  c. Method - using technical analysis
     i. Introduction to the generic behavior of markets
     ii. Charting methodology
        • Identification of Timeframe (TF), and its related trend using Barros Swings and Moving Averages
        • Understanding the impact of the higher TF on the trend of lower TF. This is a CRITICAL concept as it provides context for the lower TF
        • Understanding the nature of Sideways markets in the Traders TF
        • Trading setups in a sideway market, identify trading zones, setups, stop loss and entry trigger
        • Understanding the transition from sideways into directional trend
        • Calculating the Price Time factor, which can suggest the probability of Range Continuation or a Change in Trend

Day 2
1 Continuation of Method
  a. Directional trend behavior
  b. Trading breakouts, identify high probability breakout
  c. Trading corrections, using MIDAS, Linear Regression Band and Fibonacci to identify high probability low risk correction zones.
  d. Understanding Directional Impulse Moves and Correction type moves through a statistical approach. This will allow the trader to extrapolate potential time price windows for Trading Zone opportunities
  e. Trade setups, stop loss and trigger for entry.

  f. Demark Exhaustion Sequential Indicator…(The trend is your friend, unless it is about to change)
    i. Identifying Trend
    ii. Identifying the Trend Change Zone with Sequential Indicator
    iii. Trade setup, stop loss and trigger for entry.

Day 3
1 Practical
2 Identification of Trend
3 Deciding whether the Trend is continuing or changing
4 Identification of Low Risk Trade Zone
5 Initial setup, stop loss and trigger
6 Calculating trade size based on Money Management rules
7 Monitoring and managing winning trades
8 Initial profitable exit,
9 Primary profit exit
10 Safely Pyramiding position size at the next trend/zone setup

Follow-up Sessions / Mentoring
-Weekly Review of Trades for the First Month after the last lesson
-Monthly Review for the Subsequent Two Months
-Google Group membership for graduates of this course to allow for online interaction and follow up.

Registration Email: register@sgxacademy.com
For further enquiries, please call               6327-5438         6327-5438
(Operating Hours: 9.00am to 5.00pm)

Date : 13 Mar 10 to 15 Mar 10 ( 13 Mar 2010, 14 Mar 2010 & 15 Mar 2010 )
Time : 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Venue : SGX Training Room 1
2 Shenton Way
SGX Centre 1
Capacity : 25