Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trading Plan Workshop - OTCS

Trading Plan Workshop Title "So You Are A Trader?"  by OTCS (Online Traders Club Singapore)

How to develop an effective program so Traders will turn themselves into winning traders? It has nothing to do with training. The traders have to transform themselves.

So many traders learning strategies again and again, yet they still cannot produce consistent winning results in the long run, why?

One key area is that the trader learns a strategy and expects to win 100% of the time. On the first few losses, they immediately write-off the learning and start to look for new strategy. The cycle goes on and on and the trader is confined to the “chasing-the-tail” loop forever, unable to break through.

There is an old saying: When the student is ready the teacher will appear”. I read it as: “If we are not ready to receive, nothing, no matter how sound the advice is, will get into our head. It is ourselves who choose to filter out information.”

With that in mind, a new approach workshop to help the traders transform.

Most traders have more knowledge than necessary to become a winning trader. Yet, the knowledge is fragmented. Therefore, instead of conduction another training session, this workshop is to start helping the traders to look inside, to extract what they already know and develop into their own unique trading plan step-by-step.

The workshop will compose many modules, each module will focus on each of the follow areas:
1.    The 4-pillars of personal success
a.    Know yourself
b.    Know your limits
c.    Know your market
d.    Know your strategy
2.    The 4-pillars of a complete trading system
a.    Entry management
b.    Exit management
c.    Risk management
d.    Money management

Each module will come with personal activities that the workshop participant needs to do, which is unique for him or her. Since the module is focused on one key point at a time, therefore, the work can be performed easily by the participants. Adding up all the personal activities over the duration of the workshop, a complete trading plan will be created for the participants. Since they involve in the development of his or her own plan, it is likely they will follow to win in the long term.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Germany Government Building Investment - WealthSol

Germany Government Building Investment by Shenton Wealth Holding, Dolphine Capital and WealthSol at Hotel Marina Mandarin on 14Dec13.

24% return for 24 months period  - first year get 12% and maturity get another 12%.

For today only,

S$50,000 get $600 Takashimaya Shopping Voucher.
$100,000 get iPhone 5
$250,000 get 3D/4N investor Germany trip.

Cheque Presentation 

CEO Alvin Leong - Shenton Wealth Holdings

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Streetpips.com 27-Mar-14


27Mar14 (7pm-10pm) FREE

16Jan14 and 20Feb14 (7pm to 10pm) S$80 at

10 Anson Road  26-13 International PlazaSingapore 079903

The broker they recommend to use is Forex.com

The problem with forex trading
Forex trading is 24 hours, but humans are not designed to work 24 hours a day:
  • Our eyes are unable to stare at the screen for that long
  • Our minds are not able to trade multiple strategies concurrently
  • Our hearts are swayed by emotions which interferes with trading decisions
  • Humans make mistakes
  • Our time is limited, especially if we have a day job or family commitments

The solution to forex trading 
Financial institutions, hedge funds and professional traders use robots and computer software to trade forex, which solves all the problems listed above.
For the first time in Singapore, Streetpips.com is conducting a seminar on how anyone can trade forex easily using forex trading software. This seminar is suitable for all age groups, education backgrounds and trading experience - even if you know absolutely nothing about forex trading.

What this seminar teaches you
Enough of books and boring lectures, let's get straight into trading in this hands-on seminar, where our instructors will teach you:
  • How to set up demo and live forex accounts (for beginners who don't know how to set up accounts)
  • How to use the MetaTrader MT4 forex trading platform (the most famous retail forex trading platform)
  • How to install, load and run MT4 robots, also known as expert advisors (you will follow along on your laptops)
  • How to test robots, observe trades and evaluate robot performance (live trading and demonstration on live forex markets)
  • How to set up a free virtual private server (VPS) so that you do not require a laptop to trade robots
  • How to download forex trading robots for free, and where to find them

Requirements and what to bring:
  • You do not require any prior knowledge on forex trading or software
  • Please bring along a windows laptop because you will be trading on your laptop, and our trainers can assist you on the spot

If you intend to open a forex account, we will help you do so. If so, please bring along:
  • Your identity card (NRIC or driver's licence) - to verify identity
  • A recent utilities bill, phone bill or credit card bill - to verify address

Other information

Monday, December 2, 2013

Chris Lori workshop



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==================== Breaking The Barrier ====================



Chris will share a segment of his AUD/JPY trading model (3.5 day workshop), a formula built on interest rate differentials and volatility. This is one of Chris' favorite models for long and short term trading and an approach he customizes for his private and institutional clients. Even with contracting interest rate spread, this currency pair is trader friendly on all time horizons. A trader friendly currency pair, this approach is suitable for both, active and passive traders.


 1-DAY Workshop on Saturday, 7th Dec 2013.  US269        Chrislori.com

Chris Lori is the only known institutional and private client FX Fund Manager and CTA who also trains private traders sharing his market insights and strategies. As a serious trader,  four time Olympian and world champion in a precision sport, Chris understands the role psychology plays in achieving success in this business.
Chris is a total professional in his training approach and fully understands the development process of a trader, in its entirety. His trading philosophy is one that promotes market knowledge and independent thinking as an essential foundation to your trading success, along with a sound psychological profile and the ability to internalize price behavior. He covers all of these necessary components in his teaching and mentoring. Chris is a hard core trader with a realistic, practical and adaptable trading approach.
Chris' workshops are of the highest standard, covering all aspects of the forex market from fundamentals and long term positions to his most specific day trading models built on price action. He reveals intimate aspects of the institutional interbank environment that you will not learn elsewhere. If you want to be a winner, learn from a winner.
Chris Lori's workshop will bring you closer to the real FX interbank market and professional traders desk than any other workshop available!
When asked why he shares so much of his approach to the market, Chris replies;
“I believe every individual has a trader living withing them. We have all gone through the process of achieving something, either within our gifted skills, or newly acquired skills. To be successful in trading you have to engage in a process to understand the marketplace in which you are competing and develop into an independent thinker. It is a pleasure to mentor people who are serious about trading and see them succeed, quit their jobs and go on to trade full time. It is a pleasure to share the real inner-workings and strategies of the institutional funds management environment to give serious traders a chance.”
Chris Lori is a registered Commodity Trading Adviser (CTA), trades through the world’s major banks and has experience in trading spot/cash, outright forwards, swaps, options and exotic options. He also works with large private clients on portfolio diversification relating to foreign exchange holdings.
Like no other, Chris commits himself to this business 24/7, both managing funds and mentoring his students. He is a total professional. There is no other fund manager in the business that is willing to share their methods, as Chris does!
He has mentored many aspiring traders to quit their jobs to trade full time. It has been a life changing dream that has come true for those who have committed themselves to growing in this fascinating and challenging business.
Important Q&A About 1-Day Intensive Workshop:
Q: Are any materials included with the 1-Day Workshop price?
The objective of the One-Day intensive workshop is to connect with our loyal members and conduct a highly intensive session on price action, at a rock bottom price, to cover costs. The workshop content will provide substantial detail and a framework to build your trading, including specifics on exactly how I trade (Intraday model), the trades I look for and the constituent price behaviors considered for managing the trades.
With consideration to keep costs down, no workbook or online materials are included with the event (only 3.5 day workshop). Rather, if you find value in the content of the workshop; PTC and other course materials can be acquired later, also offered at a reasonable cost. For follow up, Pro Traders Club has an enormous (6-yrs) archive of material supporting the content, development process and my trading model that we will study. Further, PTC is a highly effective tool to develop your trading skills. This formula allows you to "test the waters," and acquire a lot of good trading education, with little up front cost. 

Q: What is the difference between the 1-Day and the 3.5-Day Workshop? 
The 3.5-Day event includes:
  • 40hrs of online study material
  • 300 page manual with slides and countless charts
  • 2-months Access to Pro Traders Club 6yrs of archived teachings
  • 3.5 days of highly intensive study. 
Please do not come to the 1-Day event expecting what is offered in a 3.5-Day event. 

Q: If the pre workshop video courses and a manual are not included in the One-Day Intensive workshop and we cannot take videos, how do we retain the information? 
You will be surprised at the amount of information you will retain from the teaching.  Although the event is only one day, there will be an enormous amount of detail and information shared at the event and the concepts and models will be clear. The up-front cost is as low as we could achieve.  If the material makes sense and you see how applying the information can help you develop into an authentic, independent thinking trader with lasting success, then you can decide if you want to use our support to achieve this goal, by scaling in at a small financial commitment for services. The Pro Traders Club has six years of teaching archives showing exactly how we trade.
We are mindful that a low cost session can attract traders who are less committed to the goal and a small few may have little conscience about freely, and disrespectfully, sharing information. It is a disheartening reality.

Q: Why don't you have a long sales page with Christmas lights that implies trading profits are easy if I take your course? 
Trading is a serious business and anyone interested in its pursuit should realistically consider proper time and attention and a concrete development plan for lasting success.  If you develop the trader within you properly, the mindset becomes a part of you for your lifetime.

Please review: "Essential Qualities of a Successful FX Trader" video series in the chrislori.com video archives
Q: How can I prepare for the event?
Go through all the videos in the chrislori.com free members area. This material will give you some foundation to the concepts we will cover. We will focus only on price action in the live event, but it is a good idea to understand the peripheral information, such as; Essential Qualities of a Successful FX Trader and the Psychology videos. 

Depending on your budget, you can review the Complete FX Course, or join Pro Traders Club, where the higher level concepts are shared. Our products and services are very reasonably priced. 

Q: How can I possibly learn how to trade after only a 1-Day Workshop? 
This is why it is important to go through the video series, "Essential Qualities of a Successful FX Trader." This video series details the developmental process of successful traders. Developing as a trader requires a process, planning and structured investment of time. The goal of the 1-Day workshop is not to make you into an overnight success, rather to share heavy details about price action and a trading approach (model) that can bring your scope of study into focus. As discussed on this page, the workshop will share details of price action to study, then a forumla to internalize the market behaviors, put them into a development plan and into a trading model (as I show you my own) and formulate it to connect with your trading persona. 

Q: Will there be Pro Traders Club members in attendance? 
Yes. We just announced the event 2-days ago and the London event is 40% full, with half of the registrants being PTC members, and some referrals. Both, previous workshop attendees and PTC members will be present. This is a testimony. 

Q: Do you plan on making an attempt to sell us something? 
The workshop will contain highly comprehensive content that you can apply. If, at the conclusion of the session, you decide the content has value, you can choose to take advantage of a reduced rate for Pro Traders Club membership. If you decide on a 3.5 day workshop at a future date, you can apply a $200 USD credit to the course fee. We continue to make our best effort to offer high quality education at very reasonable cost. This event will give you a taste for Chris' intensive teaching approach that he has used to develop many full time traders and fund managers


Q: What can I expect from the workshop?
"The objective of the One-Day intensive workshop is to connect with our loyal members and conduct a highly intensive session on price action, at a rock bottom price, to cover costs. The workshop content will provide substantial detail and a framework to build your trading, including specifics on exactly how I trade (Intraday model), the trades I look for and the constituent price behaviors considered for managing the trades."

Q: How much can I learn in just 1 day?
"Although the event is only one day, there will be an enormous amount of detail and information shared at the event and the concepts and models will be clear."


The workshop is priced very attractively.  At just US$269 for the full-day event, it comes up to about S$40 an hour.... which is actually lower than some upper primary tuition teachers here in Singapore!!
You can read more about the workshop here:

If you have any burning questions, Chris had kindly offered to answer them personally if you call him at 9866-7274.  Alternatively, you can also email your questions to him at seaview2@gmail.com