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TARA internet business - LiXin, Pam Siow    by Pam Siow

Pam Siow is an expert in helping people build their ideal business online with minimal budget. She worked in leading Multi-national companies like Siemens and Toshiba for four years before she chanced across an internet marketing seminar which taught her to utilize the internet for leads generation.
After four months, she earned enough to quit her job as an Assistant Marketing Manager in Toshiba notebooks. She was the top student to hit $10,000 within one year. She currently owns the biggest chain of online music agencies where she partners with music schools for leads generation. This is her source of passive income.

The Birth Of Tara Internet Business
The seed of Tara Internet Business started last year when Pam started wondering what her life purpose was while sitting at home, generating passive income. The funny thing was that she achieved her previous year goal of building a business that generates passive income and was starting to find life meaningless from shopping, relaxing and holidays.
Always being an avid learner, she realized something was wrong when (America’s Biggest Female Coach) Ali Brown’s DVDs made her cry with joy when she listened to how female entrepreneurs broke their personal and business barriers. Recognizing her emotional connection with this cause, she made a decision to use her internet marketing skills to help people live their true abundance.
In her search, she met a powerful and kind female coach who groomed her to share her talents despite of her massive fear of public speaking. Currently, Pam is delighted that her life is even more blessed and fulfilling (no more soul searching!) ever since she chose to step up and reach out to people seeking their life purpose.
She is determined to help people double their income while working less through the internet. Life is meant to be joyful and fun. You CAN earn money through your passions. Learn how by registering at one of our introductory internet seminars.

24 Raffles Place Clifford Centre  07-04  S(048621)

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eOneNet Fione Tan by Fione Tan

Internet Marketing Coach says, “No traffic and no sales for your website despite reading internet marketing ebooks and attending Internet marketing seminars? Discover how Internet marketing coach,, top Internet marketing company Asia and its customers are still growing their business online globally, selling B2B, B2C and even digital products on the Internet without any advertising costs.” sample, holsting   S$990 per year or $1,680 two year

2-Day Internet Course S$6,688
Finding or creating products with hungry online market
Driving traffic to your website
Winning sales psychology compelling copy writing magic conversion secrets
Secrets of creating hot selling e-books and tools
Search term research tools
Raising funds from thin air

Getting top rankings in search engines and directories
Building a huge database from scratch in record time
Mastering email marketing and viral marketing to push traffic and sales
Creating multiple sources of income 
Recruting your online sales force with Affiliate program
Creating FREE online and offline publicity to build brand trust and credibility Pte Ltd
511 Guillemard Road 02-34
Grandlink Square  Singapore 399849

Friday, February 25, 2011

ThomasTheCoach Thomas Mathew - Traderence May-2012


Former  GMYT Trading Customer Service  Apr-2012
Now    Traderence      (from May-2012)

Earn While You Learn with Traderence! 

Trainer : Thomas Mathew Date: 12th - 14th May 2012 For students who re-sit the classes, a fee of S$50 will be charged per day.

FOREX Course Syllabus
Day 1: 2000 – 2200hrs (WEBINAR LIVE)
· Installation of the MT4 Trading Platform
· Familiarization of the MT4 Platform
· The Open & Closed Orders
· Homework prior to Class

Day 2: 0900 – 1700hrs
· The History of FX Trading World
· Why many prefer Forex than others?
· The Step by Step guide to FX Trading World
· The Step by Step guide to FX Trading Platform
· The Need to know Terminology in the FX World
· The Various Trading Orders that are used in the FX Trading
· Orders and How they are done systematically
o Entry and Exit Safely
o Taking Profit and Handling Stop Losses Professionally
· Psychology of Trading and Money Management (Very Important)
· The Secrets in Technical Analysis
o The Trends and How do you handle them?
o The GEM within the Support and Resistance
o Bullish Symmetrical lines
o Bearish Symmetrical Lines
o The Breakouts
o The Moving Averages
· The Secrets in Fundamental Analysis
o The Macro Picture
o The Micro Picture
o The IMF
o The Central Banks
o External and Internal Risks
o Liquidity Understanding
o News and How to handle them

Day 3: 1900hrs – 2200hrs
· The Step by Step guide to Traderence Expert Advisers
o The Traderence Pro V.01
§ The Strategy used – Multiple Trades
§ The T-PRO Configuration and Understanding
§ The Entry & Exit Points
§ Risk & Reward clear understanding
§ The Upper and Lower Trend Lines Understanding and Taking advantage
§ The Trading Timings and taking advantage of the volatility
§ Risk & Reward
§ Starting with an End in Mind
§ Winning Consistently by being discipline with the Orders Taken
§ VPS – How to use Virtual Private Server for Trading
Traderence Holding Pte Ltd
Malaysia - Level 8 Pavilion KL | 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang | 55100 Kuala Lumpur | MALAYSIA |+603 9205 7688 |+603 9205 7788
Singapore – 229 Mountbatten Road #02-41 Mountbatten Square Singapore 398007 I +6531571361

 2-Days Forex Course    Oct-2011  at  Mountbattern Square.

Partner with

Free for new account holders deposit US2,000
plus free iPad if deposited US10,000 (minimum trade lot size 60 standard lot for withdrawal without US800 penalty) plus 1 year coaching and mentoring - but after 3 months no more coaching. after 4th month skype support terminated unless you pay S$50 /mth subscription fee.

Need to pay another S$199 to attend one-day EA course  (FMPro and Sealsrunner) with one year subscription. on 12-Nov-2011.

1 Day Software Training – Expert Adviser  Trainer: Thomas Mathew
When, Where and How Much?  Date: 12thNovember 2011    9am-5pm
Venue: 229 Mountbatten Square #01-13
Cost: $199 (for those who deposited $10,000 & $299 for those who deposited less than $10,000)

What Will you Learn and take away with?

1. SealsRunner    (drawing trendline and channel)
a. The Importance of Range
b. The Support & Resistance and its importance
c. Charting the Lines and Taking Position
i. During News
ii. During Break Points
iii. During Strong Resistance & Support Positions
d. Taking advantage of Trend Channels
e. Money Management within
f. Using Objects to buy, sell and close orders
g. The Magic Box and Break Outs

2. The FMPro  (using 3 level martigale)
a. Think like a Fund Manager but trade like a Pro
b. Money Management
c. Doesn’t matter where the markets goes
d. Taking Advantage of the trend and Trading Strategically
e. Upper and Lower Chartist Skills
f. Timing of Trading and Understanding
g. Using Objects

==================================================================  by Thomas Mathew

From International Plaza shift to 9 Temasek Boulevard #08-01B SUNTEC Tower 2

Use weekly time frame enter trade once a week on Monday setup. Use TTC  proprietary software (breakout) on MT4 platform. Target 5% return monthly. Trade on FX, Oil and precious metal (Gold, Silver, Platinum and Copper).

2-Day Forex Trading Mastery S$1,499/=
3-Day Advance Forex Trading

The Main Objective of the Course
This is an introductory course for persons who are new or traders who want to deepen their understanding in the FOREX market. Gain understanding and knowledge and who to trade, when to trade and how to take advantage of the FX Market.
The Main Benefit of the Course
By attending the Course, participant will learn about some skills and strategies that can assist you in your trading decision and lower your risk. Additionally, it can improve your trading strategies. Enter and exit the market with a higher success rate.
Who Should Attend?
Investors or trader looking to trade in FX.
•          History of FOREX
•          Platform Understanding - Skills
•          Indicators for Technical Analysis
•          How to trade with Fibonacci Retracement
•          Fundamental Analysis
•          Reading News and taking Advantage
•          Trading Strategies
•          Trade habits & Psychology
•          Developing Your Own Trading Methodology
•          Habits of Successful Forex Trading
2 full days (Friday – 9am – 9pm to Saturday 9am – 5pm)
Thomas Mathew, Tang, Edwin, Seek Kah Hoe & Alan

The Main Objective of the Course:
This course is designed for those sophisticated and serious traders who eventually want to trade Forex for a living. Traders and market professionals who trade for some period want to acquire additional knowledge and understand the trading strategies utilized by Forex professionals.
The Main Benefit of the Course:
By attending the Course, participants will learn about some of the most powerful indicators that can assist you in your trading decision and lower your risk. Further, participants will also learn about price action and the various trading strategies to trade in the volatile currency markets. Additionally, participants can improve their trading strategies and teach you how to trade like a pro; enter and exit the market with a higher success rate.
Who Should Attend?
The advanced investor or trader looking to hone their skills using indicators and price action to aid them in their trading decisions so that they can lower their risk and elevate their success rate.

  • Basics of Price Action
  • Advanced Technical Indicators
  • Major Candlestick Price Patterns 
  • How to use Elliot Wave & Fibonacci in trading
  • Intraday Trading Strategies
  • Swing Trading  Strategies
  • Position Trading Strategies
  • Trading Naked Strategies
  • Developing Your Own Trading Methodology
  • Habits of Successful Forex Trading
3 full days (Sat to Monday, 9am – 6pm)

Colin Seow - CSI 10Mar2014 (Alpha Asia )

CSI - Colin Seow Indicator

Abstract from Colin Facebook posting on 10Mar2014:

Someone ask me how my system work. CSI work, I just give a quick summary, blue candle: buy mode. red :sell mode. Green arrow buy on next day if break high. Candle turn red or break dotted red support sell. Red arrow sell short on next day if break prior low, candle blue or break above dotted blue line buy back. Trend rating: the higher the trend rating the more powerful is the can welcome to ask about your stock but I can only post when I have time. works with stock above 0.50 and volume above 500,000. does not work with side way stock over 6months . generally, will be profitable over 2 years time frame. not 100%. the win-loss ratio is around 60%, payoff ratio about 2:1 depending on the stock. The system is trend following and cut loss fast if wrong. let u add position when you are right. just comment below on your stock I will do my best to post up the chart.

===========================================================  Colin Seow

A remisier from Phillip Securities. His passion is in technical analysis and using it to study the market. He conducts free 6hr introduction course "Foundation of Trading" to all his clients.

4P of trading:   Product, Price, Position, Psychology

Price  Mgm: ETET Entry, Target, Exit, Time

Swing Trading Strategy: Indicators, Moving Average, Oscillator, Stop loss


Positioin Sizing


Alpha Asia Holdings Pte Ltd
1 Sophia Road, 04-04 Peace Centre (228149)

Bragg Economic Theory - Period A, B, C & D

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Azea Property - Sterling & First Asia

Raffles Hotel luncheon talk host by Ms Tan Yang Po - CEO of Azea Property on 24Feb2011.

Sterling Income Management LLC - US Property in Texas and Houston
To take advantage of 50% to 70% property price drop and buy property with intrisic value and below construction cost to protect capital invested. Looking to raise fund US 2million to 5million. Each lot size is US100k. Target 36% return over 24 months.

First Asia Holding (HK) Limited - HK property in Kam Tin.
1 lot size at HK 104k. - Target 12% over 5 years with free 500 shares currently at HK0.50 to be listed in Nasdaq target price US3.00.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Atomic Blogging - Alvin Phang

Alvin Phang  2-day workshop S$997/=

Bloggin workshop modules
Intro to internet marketing
Web 2.0
5 steps to online process
Get high ranking on search with SEO
Setting up wordpress blog to sell online
Advance online sales tactics with blogging
Getting traffic with article marketing and social media
Advance blogging tactics
30-da7s money blueprint

Atomic Blogging System
9000 PLR Blog Articles
Turn Key Money Making Wordpress Theme
Ecommence Shopping Cart
Blogging Home Study Course
1-year Domain and Web Hosting
Money Making Blog Setup

Sunday, February 20, 2011

EAP - Wendy Kwek

EAP Entrepreneur Action Program - Wendy Kwek

Start and run business with little or no money
How to avoid costly mistakes
Street smart business mindset and kill sets
Multi-million dollar niches
Turn your dreams into reality

10 Anson Road, 22-07 International Plaza

Forex Intro - DBS Vickers, Kim Eng

Intro to Forex by DBS Vickers, Kim Eng