Sunday, September 29, 2013

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Trade Crude Oil, Gold, Euro, 

Daily Daily Tips and Tricks for Professional Day TradersTips and Tricks for Professional Day Traders

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Saturday, September 28, 2013

MYF Master Your Finance Wealth Directions

During this 6 hour workshop on 28Sep13 1pm to 6pm at Park Mall

1) Successful Financial Planning strategies

  • 5 Successful Mindset and Habits of Millionaires Next Door

  • Are you an “Under-Accumulator of Wealth”?

  • Optimize your income potential towards Financial Freedom

  • Simple Insurance Planning Strategies that could save you more than 30% in premiums

  • Achieve 8% returns through Simple and Passive Investing methods

    Brendan Yong

    Brendan is a Financial Strategist and Accredited Asset Management Specialist (AAMS(R)). Having been in the financial services industry for more than 10 years, he has discovered simple ways that average Singaporeans can manage their cashflow better and accumulate wealth in a systematic way. A speaker for various financial literacy programs including the “Millionaire Investor Program”, “How to Save and Accumulate One Million Dollar” and many others.

    One Day workshop at S$398

2) Property investment strategies

  • Can Property investment achieve capital gain > 500%

  • Check list to ensure sound property investment

  • 3 useful tips in maintaining and enhancing your property value

  • Improve your well being using Feng Sui (the basic and practical approach)

  • The next property growth areas to look out for

    - Paya Lebar Central- Jurong Lake District- Relocate Paya Lebar Air Base, free up land for Residential, Business & Recreation- Relocate Tanjong Pagar Port to Tuas, free up land for a new waterfront city- New Township at Bidadari with park and man made Lake.

    Ui Wei Teck

    Wei Teck grew his property portfolio from a mere 200k to over millions over the last 10 years. His experience in both residential and commercial properties is well sought after. He co-authored the book “Enjoying mid life without crisis” as part of his mission to educate the society and help more people achieve financial freedom. Wei Teck is the Master Trainer for the Secrets to Making Money in Property seminar as well as one of the coaches with

    One day workshop S$998

3) Stock investment strategies

  • How much do you need to be financially free?

  • How to buy low and sell high

  • Hands on stocks picking exercise

  • Stock Investment outlook

    S-Reit average P/NAV is 1.09, average Yield is 5.55%, average debt/equity ratio is 0.6

    Shortlisted counters based on Div/(P/NAV)

    SuntecReit, SaizenREIT, SabanaReit, LippoMalls, CDL HTrust, CapitaRChina, AscottReit, Cambrdige, CapitaComm, Fortune Reit, Mapletreeind, Kep Reit.

    Roland Liew

    Roland has more than 15 years of investing experience and adopts the Value Investing approach. He started the blog to help increase financial literacy of the middle class. His specializes in under valued REITS that offers good dividend payout. Roland is one of the trainers for the Secrets to Making Money in Stocks seminar and several of his investing articles have been published in LianHe Zao Bao.

    Two day workshop S$ 1698

    All 3 seminars at S$ 2398

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Algorithm Trading: Raw Facts and Myths - Leonard Kok

Hear from a Real Trader - Leonard Kok, Professional Trader, Vice Chairman of Association of Financial and Commodity Traders (Singapore) (AFACT)        SGX Auditorium 13Sep13  630pm - 830pm.

From Pit To Algorithm Trading 

1.Personal Trading Journey 
    Spent Years Developing Trading Skills
    From Fearful to Fearless - Risk Control
    Mastering the Advantages of Pit Trading
    Speed in Decision and Execution
    First Hand Knowledge of Liquidity Flow
    Noises and Actions Developed Better Judgements
    We were the Modern Days Algos
    Emergence of Electronic Trading

What is Algorithmic Trading
Algorithmic Trading is the use of electronic platforms for entering trading orders with an algorithm which will execute one or more pre-programmed trading instructions whose variables may include timing, price, or quantity of the order, or in many cases initiating the order by a computer with little human intervention. Also called automated trading, black-box trading or simply algo trading. The most famous Algorithmic Trading strategy is High Frequency Trading (HFT).

2.Life After Pit Trading - New Electronic Trading Experience 
   Starting from Zero - No more Pit Advantages
   Click Trading - Unable to Compete Due to Age
    Recreate the Advantages of Pit Trading
    Server Colocation
    Developing Algorithm Strategies

3.Edge and Advantages of Colocation Servers 
   Ultra High Speed in Execution
   Ultra High Speed in Response
   Ultra High Speed Flexibility
   More Secure and Reliable

4.Algorithm Strategies 
    High Frequency Trading
    Inter Market and Intra Market Arbitrage
    Smart Scalping and Day Trading
    Smart Market Making

5.Demo - Smart Trading and Smart Market Making
RTS Trading Platform ( is used for demo. Very impressive but costing platform to subscribe.

Option Pundit - Manoj K Agrawal

(Powerful Option Trading Strategies for Consistent Income - Trade To Live Well.)

In this 4-hr talk, Chief Trainer of OptionPundit, Mr Manoj K Agrawal 
  1. 6 Trading secrets of Riches, Pro traders
  2. A Powerful blueprint to set you up for trading success
  3. Powerful trading patterns that will blow your mind
  4. How can you trade options successfully to generate consistent income
  5. Powerful free tools that will blow you away so you don't need to pay for softwares
There after $3,216 for the course and special offer S$2,000 for attendee:

1. Trade what works for Manoj
2. Build the infrastructure before trading
3. Develop the trading edge
4. Structure good trades and to allocate capital efficiently
5. Manage risk 
6. Gain confidence with increase consistency and profitability
7. Be part of a mastermind circle and to have a coach

Bonus:   Power strategy session with Manoj to learn to a complete set-up with specific parameters of a "High Pobability, Low Risk, High Reward" price pattern. Receive trade ideas for the same pattern consecutively for 5 days following the strategy session.