Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Courtney Smith

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Courtney Smith’s seminar brief summary on 28/5/13 by Cityindex at Parkmall.

Courtney Smith is very encouraging to the audience last night. He is giving a seminar in Aug. If u sign up, he will give his money for u to trade. If u loss money, he will not ask u for it. Want to try? U miss this chance , have to wait till he comes again.

Trading is an ideal business

1.     He believes everybody can be rich traders. He thinks skill+knowledge= luck

2.     He thinks trading must trade the seasonal products for Futures
Eg> Corn : in nov n Dec is the harvest time so prices usually go down
3.     In winter, the Easten part of Canada is very cold n rivers are frozen. It is difficult to export so the commodity prices usually go down but in June is reversed.

4.     He has a book: Seasonal charts for Futures traders
A source book

5.     He showed us some seasonal Futures charts;
Eg: long Oct crude oil : oil rally n sell off soon
      April 2014 platinum

He almost has 100% winning trades.

He thinks psychology is critical:
He gives Casino as example:
i.                 He advised us not to go to casino because casino plays games that only they win.
ii.               Traders must learn to win every trade (at least 85%)
iii.              Use techniques that are proven n that we can win.
iv.              He doesn’t want to use methods that r not proven. He was not in favour of Eillot Waves or Fibronachii.
v.                Casino controls its risk at $25-$500. We must control our risks by STOP LOSS.
vi.              Never feel fear or anxiety. The casino trades n takes money from the traders. They play games that they have confidence to win. They control risk n execute fearlessly.
vii.            We need to control our emotion. Can’t let ego gets into the way. He related his winning n losing trades due to his control of emotion. When he wins he thinks he is God, then when he breaks the rules and turn to losses.

His strategies include:
1.     Inside Days strategy:
2.     DO what the market tells us what to do.
3.     If the bar is lower than yesterday, sell. If it is higher , buy.

4.     Eliminate concept:
This occurs everyday. 73% profitable.

He plays a lot of inside day trades. He was interviewed on TV over 1000 times. The hedge Fund that he managed (The Marco Fund) rated No 1. So as his Mutual Fund. He spends only 15-45 minutes a day. He uses the right strategies to win. His most winning trades are from Inside day strategies.

His other books include:
Option Strategies (3rd edition)
A Guaranteed Income For Life

This summary is for educational purpose only.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jonathan Tan chartingacademy.com

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13Oct13 2pm-5pm at Cityindex #20-01 6 Battery Road

3-day Master Chart Reading Program  $2,388
Day-1 How and when to use technical analysis
Understand its benefit and limitations so that you will learn the essential of technical analysis
Understand the market psychology to take advantage of market fears and hype
How to trade trends and holding on to maximize your profits

Day-2 How to pick tops and bottoms with less risk
Understand the right setup to scalp in smaller timeframe by picking the tops and bottoms to picking the right tie for a potential change of trends for longer term trading

Day-3 Trading in different market conditions
Understand when the market is ranging and how to take advantage of buy low and sell high
When breakout happens, how to spot it and trade fast and furious with buy high and aim to go higher. The sky is the limit.
Or trade casually without the high pressure of investing with the trend
Developing the ultimate Buy Signal (UBS) and Ultimate Sell Signal (USS)
Moving from the path of reckless trader to consistent part time trader and ultimately becoming a full time trader and investor.

After 3 day program you will be able to start next day with a real-time MoneyPot alert on the potential trade setup.

25May2013 2pm-5pm at Cityindex #20-01 6 Battery Road   Jimmy Wong @ CityIndex
Regional Markets 2013 and More by Jonathan Tan chartingacademy.com

2pm - Market Updates
3pm - Break
3.15pm - More than Stocks, why trade multiple instruments?
5pm - End

Market likely to have small correction in May-13 then run up higher high by 22Jun13 then then down till July-13. A new peak may come again around mid-Dec-13 (Sandy prediction is Oct-13) then market crash down all the way.

Available tools to pick stocks
MatrixChart  System OPS
Share 818

Trade Stocks
High investment entry
High capital needed
Takes time to grow
So many stocks to look at every single day
The toughest part is, which one to pick?

Quoted Hang Seng CFD index
HS 22,650 / 6 about S$3,800
Using CFD margin /20 = S$190 for 1 HS CFD
1 S&P CFD about S$100!

Forex - M15 and 200SMA, 200EMA charts for

One Strategy for today:
Hairs on top, cut it down
Hairs at bottom, stand up
Hairs = shadow, long tail
Best if 2 or 3 long hair bar together

For SnP 930pm-11pm/12am look for long shadow,

TP - Risk/reward 1:1. 2 lot strategy. Take 1 at R/R 1:1 and set to break even for second lot.
TP can use Fibonacci and Bollinger Band as well

4-day Master Chart Reading Program at Waterloo Center  S$2,788
20-21July13   Sat/Sun
28-29July13   Sun/Mon
Today only S$2,388 and first 30 get S$2,200.

Ronald K StockMarketMindGames

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Market Psychologist  http://stockmarketmindgames.blogspot.sg/   96648508

Buy Sell Queue and Dow Trading on 18Dec13 at Phillip Securities

Buy Sell Queue focus on fake buying or selling volume. Once confirm is fake then buy or sell at next higher or lower level as entry.

Dow Trading use M5 max M10. Purely candle pattern look for edge (congestion area) then go for short or long based on prior candle if any shadow or long tail.


The course is now known as "Stock Operation" (16Dec13 at CityIndex) instead of "Precision Timing" (May13)


You will be learning a special skill in the course called The Art of Contra Trading and The Holy Grail of Rollover

Plus lifetime access to SMMG Club.

Stock Operation Course Outline

Day 1

  • Understanding Supply and Demand And the Driving Force Behind The Stock Market
  • Technical vs. Fundamental Analysis vs Mind Analysis
  • How The Market Is Rigged And How to Profit From It
  • The Secrets To Mind Reading
  • The Inner Workings Of How the BBs Accumulate, Markup, Distribute and Markdown
  • Timing A Stock Sales As Close To The BBs
  • Learn How To Take Profits, Protecting Capital, Cutting Losses

Day 2

  • Understanding How A Stock Exude From Strength To Weakness and Vice Versa
  • Understanding The Profit Taking And Short Selling Process
  • Identify Real Buying, Real Selling VS Fake Buying, Fake Selling
  • What Causes Excitement And Panic
  • The Art Of Contra Trading
  • The Holy Grail In RollOver
  • Trading Indices, Futures, Commodities, Forex
  • Money Management Rules
  • Individual Chart Studies - Case Studies
  • Questions and Answers

Course fee will be S$4000 next year 2014. But for those attending preview session special offer at S$3000.


Precision Timing Market talk by Ronald K on 25May13 at CityIndex #20-01 6 Battery Road. manveer.gill@cityindexasia.com


Circuit Breakers (CB) - Stock Halt, Suspended
CB are triggers that when market is too volatile, or major news to be out
Learning, Reading and Listening is useless. So how do we trade CB?
Action - after trading halt, if gap up TAKE PROFIT if gap down CUT LOSS and EXIT

Fake Breakout
Take action follow big boys (BB). Not to follow them exit at target price (TP), never put TP but protect stop loss (SL) tight. Never use trend line, only use buying and selling.

Fake Breakdown
Panic and Despair - opportunity to buy at fake breakdown.

Profit Taking
BB took profit and thereafter not supporting the price
Left the stock hanging in the air for public to pickup
Public demand exhausted. BB short sell to create panic so as to profit from public
Stock trend lower and public force selling

Confidence Shaken + Panic Selling = Big Rebound coming soon

Trickery Stratagem - manipulated by BB

Strategy - Not to buy together with BB but buy before them. Sell then together with BB

Use Mind Analysis - To predict what is going to happen on that day every early morning

The Bottom Buying Effect
Buy at gap down only at near end of day with reversal sign

The Top Selling Effect
If gap down, wait for near end of day if reversal weakness sign appear then sell

Public Indicators - no consistency and not fool proof
Support and Resistance
MACD, RSI, Parabolics etc

Precision Timing (not market timing!)
Wearing and tiring process
Panic and excitement to stir public  (price spike down and up)
Secretly buying and selling process (daily chart with big block of volume on single transaction)
Hypodermics  (extreme big daily large range, very long candle)

Timing for Physical Property
Conversely correlated to capital land stock (not CityDev as capitalland is more liquid and more accepted by public as residential property proxy)
If Capital Land price up - Private physical property price going down
If capital Land price down - private physical property price going up
- He quoted example when capital land price down he went to buy his condo and few month after his condo price went up
** I do not really agree with this correlation

Fallible Human Emotion
Stock market is all about emotion
Fear, Greed, Hope and Ignorance
Control your emotion = Beat the market
Human emotion will never change in the next 200 years, so the market always remain the same forever
Methods and Tactics used by the BB are always the same old few tricks
Plotting human emotion into the charts = $$$
Technical skill only 40% and Emotion is 60%

Major turning points - pick top and bottom

Stock Operation Course - The Art of Contra Trading

2-day course 13-14July13 Sat/Sun 10am-3pm at Cityindex office
$3,500 but today only at $3,000.
SMMG Club and access there is lifetime. No software, No subscription, or any other hidden costs.

Course outline:
Day 1
  • Understanding Supply and Demand And the Driving Force Behind The Stock Market
  • Technical vs. Fundamental Analysis vs Mind Analysis
  • How The Market Is Rigged And How to Profit From It
  • The Secrets To Mind Reading
  • The Inner Workings Of How the BBs Accumulate, Markup, Distribute and Markdown
  • Timing A Stock Sales As Close To The BBs
  • Learn How To Take Profits, Protecting Capital, Cutting Losses

Day 2
  • Understanding How A Stock Exude From Strength To Weakness and Vice Versa
  • Understanding The Profit Taking And Short Selling Process
  • Identify Real Buying, Real Selling VS Fake Buying, Fake Selling
  • What Causes Excitement And Panic
  • The Art Of Contra Trading
  • Money Management Rules
  • Individual Chart Studies - Case Studies
  • Questions and Answers

Global3ATM LEO EA - LS Capital Edward Khoo - 31Dec2013

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Forex FBI review as below:

ZuluTrader Performance:

Myfxbook Review:

Youtube Review:

ForexPeaceArmy Review:



Grow Your Fortune with Automated Forex Robot EA L. S. Capital Pte Ltd

Friday, 24 May 2013 from 19:00 to 21:00

12 Arumugam Road, Lion Building B, #05-09

CEO and founder EdwordKhoo@qq.com

Beware Martigale system involved on GBPUSD M15. High chance to get wipe out in just one draw down! There are two other similiar distributors found in selling similiar EA.

Recommended capital US3k for 0.01, US5k for 0.03 and US10k for max 0.06 initial lot size.
CCI setting change to 180 (not 14)

Two new variables for EA ver3.08 just release in May-13
Normal mode CCI cross +/- 180 (not 14) original set of trade
Xtrade - if true CCI cross +/- 100 another set of trade concurrently run   (xtra)
ARtrade - if true CCI cross +/- 30 another set of trade concurrently run  (Agressive)

3 ATM business model:
1. - EA ver3.08 S$1,500 one off purchase generating average 3% per month
      Transferable to another account with S$150 xfer fee.
      Previous ver2.07 is control by per computer but new ver3.08 is per trading account
      All new client automatically become affiliate partner (AP) will earn 20% commission ($300) for new referral client. But their first referral client comm will give to the higher level recruit agent.
2. - Earn commission from broker agent starfishfx.com upto 8 level commission rate
     level 1 - 0.3 pips
     level 2 to level 8 all - 0.1 pips
ie if stanard lot size 1.0 then level get US$3 and level 2 to 8 get US$1  
3. - New will be seting up a company account is sales reach US$20k profit. With this US20k fund account running the company EA with monthly split profit at 30% to company, 30% to charity, 10% to R&D and last 30% split for all AP.
To quality the 3 ATM business model must
- open account with starfishfx.com
- sell at least 2 copies of EA (no time limit)

Recommended broker starfishfx.com  (NZ registered company founder from Singapore?)
Soh.GuanXiang@starfishfx.com    HP: 96925654

SMS portal   SMS.SG


Share portal  rapidshare.com

Rank as top 5 broker in   http://www.forex.com.cn





Average monthly 4.6% for last 128 days live record.

LS Leo Super EA ver3.08 rev1
Dowbload link

This super ver3.08 is only for one trading account only. Please submit your trading account number (example: starfishfx 100001) for our authorization and activation. No CID is required. If you have more than one account, please purchase additional license at a member only special reduced price of S$500 per account. For new buyers who purchase before 15 June 2013 will still entitle to one account upgrade to ver3.08 per EA bought. From 15 June onward this ver3.08 will be selling at S$3000 per EA per account, additional license can be bought at $500 per account. Of course, buyer can continue to buy the Basic LeS Leo EA ver2.07E at S$1500, but will not entitle to ver3.08 upgrade unless pay for the price difference.

LS Leo Super EA Brief Setting Guide
Click the link below or copy & paste to your Browser to Download:

Backtest results for LS Leo Super EA ver 3.08
1. Leo 3.08 Backtest During Low to Medium Risk Market Condition http://rapidshare.com/files/4098181905/Leo%203.08%20Backtest%20During%20Low%20to%20Medium%20Risk%20Market%20Condition.zip
2. Leo 3.08 Backtest 2008 Market Crash Condition
LS Leo EA V2.07E Rev4http://rapidshare.com/files/2899022609/MQLLock_1489_LS_Leo_EA_v2_07-rev4.zip
LS Leo EA V2.07E User Guide http://rapidshare.com/files/3325340294/LS%20Leo%20EA%20v2.07E%20User%20Manual.pdf

Grow your fortune passively with minimal time & effort, and enhance your financial position TODAY!

Join us on the 24th of May 2013 to find out how to let your Fortune Grow FOR You!


Grow Your Fortune with Automated Forex Robot EA

Are you looking for investment opportunities and ways to grow your money passively? Interested in Fo...

Are you looking for investment opportunities and ways to grow your money passively?
Interested in Forex Trading, but don't know how and where to start?
Wish you could make money without having to worry or do anything at all?
Profit Curve Leo EA Automated Forex Trading Robot
Then LSC's 3 ATM Programme may be the BEST way to grow your fortune.
Or we like to say, let your fortune grow FOR you!

– Volatile markets presenting many trading opportunities in rising and falling markets.
– 24 hour trading from Monday to Friday.
– LARGEST trade volume in the World - about 4 Trillion US Dollars daily. In comparison, the daily trade volume of the New York Stock Exchange is only USD 25 billion.
– Minimal or no commissions.

– Manual trading requires lots of time and skill, and is subject to emotional influence. Failure rate is very high.
– Automated Trading uses a fixed set of rules and is emotionless. If programmed correctly, and with sufficient capital backing and reasonable profit return expectation to minimize risk, one can achieve ROI of more than 5% monthly with minimum risk.

Trade win rate Automated Forex Trading Robot Leo EA

– Our Expert Advisors (EA) are built by REAL TRADERS, not just developers or programmers.
– We build our software based on age-old strategies of averaging using only ONE simple CCI indicator.
– Over the last one year, we have more than 300 LOYAL USERS.
– Highly profitable and reliable Trading Robot, achieving 70% winning trades.
– Consistent monthly returns of up to 15% with low risk settings.

LS Capital Automated Forex Trading Robot
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Well, don't take our word for it. Come down and see it for YOURSELF!

LS Capital Automated Forex Trading Robot

"Hey! Who's the Speaker?"

Edward Khoo - LS Capital Automated Forex Robot
Edward Khoo is the founder of LS Capital Pte Ltd, and is dedicated to helping individuals build monthly recurring income with minimum capital, risk, time and effort. Edward has over 10 years of experience in researching, developing and testing Forex Trading Software.

Edward has accumulated a wealth of experience under his belt in building and developing businesses, as well as in banking software development. With this, he has managed to not only build a highly profitable and reliable trading software, but also a business system to help customers build long term recurring income.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Harmonic Forex - Terry Tan

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HarmonicForex Point System that helps you to pick the right trade when in confusion. The system gives every harmonic trade a score of 5 to 10.
The criteria is:
5-6 -> Skip the trade
7-8-> Exercise caution
9-10-> Take the trade

Synopsis of the Talk on 22-May-13 OnlineTradersClub.ORG at #29-03 International Plaza
- To know more about the harmonic way of trading Forex
- As fancy as it sounds, it is a great system which places great emphasis on risk management, risk to reward ratio and most importantly a healthy lifestyle.
- Listen with an open mind and you can learn something


Terry Tan is the founder and director of HarmonicForex.com 

He has been trading the Forex market since 2009 and has written countless articles on trading the market the right way
He adopts a swing trading strategy based on harmonic patterns and is a big fan of the PRZ (Potential Reversal Zone)
He is OCBC stock broker by day and forex trader at night.

Introduction to HarmonicForex
Formerly FxGump, a Singapore FX portal started in 2011
Name changed in 2012 when we decided that harmonic trading is the way going forward for us
Started by 4 dudes who are doing it for passion while holding on to a full time job

Milestones & Achievements
2011 - had a total of 6 private students 
2012 Jan - Rebranded into HarmonicForex.com
2012 May - Started FB sharing group
2012 Aug - Hit 1000 followers on twitter and site registrants
2013 Jan - Speak at FXTrading@SG
2013 Feb - Conducted first mass seminar HFU intake 1 with 8 students
2013 Apr - First introduction to HFX seminar
2013 May - FB sharing group reaches 400 followers
2013 May - Speak at Harmonics at OTC Singapore

The Birth of Harmonic Trading

We are not the creators of Harmonic Trading
Scott Carney is widely known as the original creator of harmonic trading.
We started out trying this system by buying his book which can be purchased on his websitehttp://www.harmonictrader.com/
Jason Stapleton of T2U is also one of the guys we learn from before we come out with our own Harmonics plus system which includes a minor tweak to the original Harmonic pattern trading system.
This system is 80% based on the original harmonic trading syllabus with a slight 20% tweak which we will share with our readers in time to come.

Harmonic Trading by Jason Stapleton Vol 1 & 2 - published 2010
The Harmonic Trader by Scott Carney  published 1999

Why Harmonics
Maximize reward to risk ratio
- Classic double top vs
- Trend line break vs
- Harmonic Entry
Clear entry PRZ and exit points TP1-3
Clear rules to trade removes emotion
Our second favourite reason:
- Pattern in advanced
- Set and forget
It really picks turning points accurately

What do we do at HFX?
Trade all 25 pairs (majors, crosses and exotic pairs)
Based mainly on H1, H4 and D1 time frame
3 favourite Harmonic patterns - Gartley, Bat and Cypher
Plan our trades way in advance before it happens
Adopt the set and forget trading mentality
Sharing trade ideas on the website and facebook group

Harmonic Summary
Good Entry Levels & Great Risk Reward
Identify patterns and set trades in advance, before it happens
With the trend, counter trend, ranging
Happens on D1, H4 and H1
Also M15 and M5 (not preferred)
Patterns within pattern
Reliable & Consistent
Amazing Results - well documented

Harmonic Plus Course Outline
- Fibonacci
- Psychology
- 3 patterns
- Harmonic Plus Trading System
- Risk Management

HarmonicForex University Intake 3 @ 27July2013 -  S$2,000
1 Full day plus 3 live trading sessions
Today offer $1,700 at 15% discount

With 3 OTCS members sign up further $100 discount each and 5 OTCS members $200 discount.


How to Avoid Failed (Invalidated) Harmonic Pattern

The Harmonic Pattern is so popular and we all agree it really works !! Many of Harmonic Trading topics are full of succesful screenshots of Patterns like Gartley, Butterfly, Bat ...etc. What about the opposite, the invalidated (also called failed) ones ? 
In fact, Harmonic Pattern success rate is only about 80%. 
I'll start posting some of failed cases and then I will show how to avoid it. Following examples present invalidated/failed patterns:
This is an emerging Bullish Gartley Pattern, deteced by one Harmonic Pattern Indicator, price was supposed to go up after the pattern is displayed... . what really happened afterward is price continuing down and the Harmonic Pattern expand it's right wing and failed eventually

Here are more definitely failed pattern:
The pattern signal a short sell but price still go up
Bullish Butterfly doesn't work !!!
That's why we have developed an extra confirmation oscillator to increase the successful ration of the pattern, it will filter out failed pattern and also reduce the number of potential trades. But as veteran traders Sive Morten has taught: "...Trader should better accept losing trading chance than losing trading capital..", I am happy to introduce it to you Super Trend Oscillator.
Come back to the very first screenshot in this post and compare the entry signal with the screenshot below, you will see how it pick the perfect bottom:
Compare this screenshot with the very first chart in this post to see how good it generate Buy Signal
Here is an overview of the whole system :
All Signals are generated consistently with the Emerging Harmonic Patterns and help you confidently enter the trade without worrying it would fail
Another successful case :
Here are our feedback of a recent Japanese Customer :
Happy recent customer !
This Super Oscillator is provided along with the Forex Harmonic Detection Indicator