Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Personal Financial Investment Seminar

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** Special Year End SGTradingCourses premum membership

Jared Seah from Singapore Man of Leisure. His topic is “Who Are You”. He believes that knowing yourself is an important step to find a suitable investment strategy.

Calvin Yeo from Dr Wealth. He will talk about the comprehensive approach to financial planning and tools to help you track your financial health.

Lionel Yeo from Cheerful Egg. Being an advocate for fuss-free investing, he shares the power of index investing which frees up time to pursue matters important to you.

Alvin Chow from BigFatPurse. I will challenge the dominant stock picking methodology and share a better approach for retail investors who want to beat the market.

Dr Tee from Ein55. He will be sharing how you can use a quantitative method to time the market low and high.

Besides these topics, there will be a panel (made up of the speakers) to answer your questions. We will also share some of our investment positions which is often an interest to most people.

Special 50% discount code WDFRIEND for SGTradingCourses readers at to avoid disappointment as 50% tickets already sold.


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