Monday, December 10, 2012

MTF Multiple Time Frame - Fred Tam

10Dec12 at SCCCI by TASS

Presentation Abstract :
- One issue faced by traders is inaccurate entries and exits and one likely cause is because the trader is looking at a single time frame chart.
- This presentation demonstrates how accuracy can be increased by filtering out noise using “multiple time frames” charts.
- It also shows that when MTF is applied, most indicators work; some better than others.
- The “MTF Atom” indicator has been created and it demonstrate its usefulness using Meta Trader 4.0.
- MTF is a method that can be applied to trade not only gold, but silver, crude oil, forex, stock indices, stock, etc.
- MTF Atom is a mechanical trading system that trades on breakouts and stays aside in sideways markets.
- Mechanical system trading is likely to be the trend of this decade, set to overshadow subjective techniques like chart patterns analysis, candlesticks etc.
- We see technical analysis evolving rapidly to be become more of a science than an art.
- The presentation will demonstrate how Atom response to events such as :
1. Effect of QE3 announcement on 13/9/12 on Gold, DJIA and how Atom triggered signal
2. Effect of PPI and retail sales announcement on 14/11/12 on the DJIA and how Atom triggered signal.
- Live trading of Gold, Silver, FX - if time permits.

Speaker Profile :
Fred Tam is a gold, silver, forex, stock indices and stocks trader, analyst and columnist for 20 years and is the author of six books on the financial markets.


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