Sunday, January 13, 2013

Navigating the Stock with FA and TA - Alan Lok & Thomas Saw

Navigating the Stock Market with Fundamental and Technical Analysis
Date: 12th January 2013Venue: NTUC Centre Room 701, One Marina Boulevard Singapore 018989
Admission: Free
Time: 0900 - 1230

What is the outlook for the US and world economy in 2013?  What are the key sectors to invest in for 2013?
Join us for a 3-hour seminar, where Alan Lok  from Sabio Global and Thomas Saw from Traders Round Table will share with us their Fundamental and Technical outlook for 2013

Seminar Highlights:

Key macro issues  
Use of Top-Down Approach to identify market cycle and identifying performing sector
How to evaluate a company with Fundamental Analysis
What is Multiple Time Frame Analysis(MTF)
How can MTF be incorporated into trading systems to identify high probability trades

Speakers Bio:

Alan Lok

Alan Lok is the Director of Sabio Global Singapore and has 10 years’ experience in the finance and strategic consulting industry spanning across Australia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore.
Alan joined Sabio Global Singapore in 2009 and successfully spear headed the equity research division. As the anchor speaker for Sabio Global, Alan appears regularly on media such as CNBC and The Straits Times where he expresses his views on issues related to behavioral finance and macroeconomics.
Alan also served as an adjunct lecturer at Xi An Jiaotong University.
Alan holds the title of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) as well as Certified Financial Risk Manager (FRM).
Thomas Saw

Thomas Saw is a veteran trader of 20+ years’ experience whose passion is to enlighten people on the realities of trading and investing as a means to financial freedom.

The Founder of Traders Round Table (TRT), Singapore (2009-present)
Founder & Past Owner of Online Trading Academy(OTA), Singapore (2007-2009)

A Past President of the Option Trader Club of Singapore (now Online Trading Club of Singapore(OTCS), 2005-2007)

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