Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sonic R System - Kyaw Trader

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Sonic R is founded by Kyaw Trader in 2008. A trading systems widely view and discussed in ForexFactory.


Talk at Traders Round Table (TRT) on 4Jan2014 at 178 Paya Lebar Road

 Using EMA 34 high low close as dragon and price volume action. Very good sharing session.


Talk at FXTrading@SG on 22Nov2013 at Lion Building seminar room.

It is a system to identify a Trend Reversal at an earliest stage and then ride the trend until it weight of the evidence proves the trend has reversed.

Sonic Entry

1  Volume: High Stopping Volume 
2. Enter a strong candle of your intended direction

Classic Entry

1  Wave Formation: Higher High and Higher Low
2. Dragon:  EMA 34 (Hi, Low, Close)
3. Volume:  High Volume at the recent low

Re Entry

1  Re-enter trade after bullish candle for long classic entry.

Scout SL/Exit

1  Pur near a last swing low or not more than 100 pips

Classic SL/Exit

1  No SL but not more than 250 pips for EUR/JPY
2. Until the strong opposite candle appear in weekly TE

Re-Entry SL/Exit

1  Put near a last swing low or not more than 100 pips

Sonic Rules

1. Do not Over trade big or trade during Asian Session.. Most of the best Set Up or Proper trend occur at/after London Opens. You shouldn't trade more than 5 trades a week..

2. Never add a losing positions aka average your positions.

 You SL must wide enough to for the price to breath.. If you put it too tight, the chance of getting your SL hit is very high even though the price goes to direction that you wanted eventually.

4. Money Management

5. Trading a higher Time Frame, when using a lower Time Frame for better entry.


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