Thursday, May 1, 2014

Zen FX Trader

ZenFXTrader Seminar ‘How To Really Make Money in FX’ at Kembangan Plaza #B1-08 on 1May2014 2.30pm - 5pm    Mobile:  93957422


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Zen FX Trading Method:
- Low Risks, High Probability Trading
- Applies principles of classical technical analysis price action crowd behaviour
- Taking into account of event risk
- Live test forward result on real time live data, no back test data.

The ZenFX Trading Course

Part I
  • Explanation of Stocks, Futures, Commodities and Forex
  • All about brokers, software, charting packages, trading platforms
  • Introduction to charting
  • Trading approaches: Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis
  • Classical Technical Analysis. Patterns, indicators, etc.
  • Market Psychology – why prices move
  • Price Action – Reading the Market
  • The Importance of Time-frames
Part II: The ZenFX Low-Risk High-Probability Strategy
  • Short-term intra-day strategy
  • Medium-term swing trade strategy
Part III: Money-management and Individual Psychology
  • Understanding Risk and Probability
  • Effective money management – the key to survival
  • Disciplined Trading – the key to consistent profits
  • Trade planning, setting goals, tips for time management
  • Compounding: grow your wealth, steadily
Duration: 2 days x 6 hours each day (total 12 hours)
Review Session – Live trading: An evening session few days after the course on a Tuesday/Thursday evening where we will guide you in live trading, putting the lessons into practice.
Follow-up Support: When you start live trading after the course we are available for consultation and help at all times via email, twitter, blog and phone.

Next ZenFX Trading Foundation Course: 


Saturday 3 + Sunday 4 May
Saturday 10 + Sunday 11 May
(will be confirmed later subject to venue availability)

ZenFX Masterclass

From time to time ZenFXtrader will hold Masterclasses for for those who have some trading experience already and need to understand the market in greater depth.
These advanced topics will be conducted by experienced ex-bank / fund traders and will provide a rich insight into how the big boys look at the market, what drives their trades and the tell-tale footprints they leave on the charts.Why does my stop always get hit?
  • Why does my stop always get hit?
  • How to trade big news events
  • Options, Barriers and their effect on price action
  • How to read the footprints of the big banks / hedge funds
  • Profiting from market seasonality


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