Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Trading as a source of income - Tom Yuen

Trading as a source of income by Tom Yuen at SGX auditorium on 17Jun14 7pm-9pm

With the launch of SGX Asian Currency Futures, Tom has embarked additional Currency Trading course in additional to Simsci Trading course, with the assistance of Joseleen Goh one of his ace student doing very well in currency trading.

The two days course is at S$2,800+  @ 28-29Jun2014

The trading method is using Candle pattern, Fibonnaci, Moving Average (TY-MAP), Reward-Risk ratio > 1.0,  position sizing (size matters a lot). Use Daily, H4 and H1 to identify trend as not much noise even with news release vs M5 and M15.

When around key level, watch out for candle pattern whether reversal exist or break out, to be inline with the trend.


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The Bullish/Bearish Divergence (MACD)       18Jun2014

The easiest way to make money when trading in the financial markets is to buy when prices have become overly cheap, and to sell once prices have become overly expensive. 

Bullish/Bearish Divergence Scenarios

In the bullish divergence scenario, you will be looking for prices to be making new lows while at the same time, the MACD indicator is failing to make a new low. This, in essence, will signal that the bearish trend is reaching its ending point as there are not sufficient levels of momentum to carry the rally any further.

In my example: Capitamalls, a bullish divergence is seen, traders can enter into long positions with the help of candlestick knowledge, alternatively, you can use Fibonacci as your best entry and exit tools once you spot a MACD Divergence.

Effective Strategies to Bet Against the Market

One of the best and most effective trading strategies (historically speaking) has been for traders to look for opportunities to buy low and sell high and trading with MACD divergences can be one of the easiest methods for accomplishing this. With the help of our indicator TY-MAP, it gives the perfect finishing touch.



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