Friday, August 15, 2014

Premium Membership for SGTradingCourses

The new posting now has another premium category for premium members only as there are a lot of information cannot be published in open category.

If you find the SGTradingCourses information is beneficial and useful, then the new premium website has much more for you. You can join as a premium member by contributing a nominal subscription fee for the maintenance of the website.

Appreciation Contribution
You must have a Gmail account and will be added to the new website once the subscription payment is verified within 3 to 5 days. To speed up the process you can attached payment capture screen email to Subject Title "Contribution to SGTradingCourses".


** Highlight of Latest update for premium members
Trading with Precision by Wong Kon How  17Nov15

Concept of Price by Marcus Tay 17Oct15

High Probability Trading Workshop by Jeff Sun  11Oct15

Walking with Fire by Daryl Guppy  29Sep15

BK Forex Confirm & Send using RSI & MACD 28Sep15

Understanding the Market Trends by GM Teoh

Developing Trading Strategy by John Kyvetos Oanda

Elliot Wave by Kelvin Wong City Index 13Jun15

Automated Support Resistance Channel (ASRC) by Peter Lim

Getting Set for a Period of Risk Off by Nicholas Teo

Trading with the Right Strategies by Kathy Lien

Trading Success by Ray Barros

OptionPundit by Manoj Kumar

Leon Tey Trigger Point System

Q2 Market Outlook by Dr Tee Ein55 市场乐观指数策略

many more ....

Leon Tey Trigger Point System  8Apr15

Thomas Saw Ultra Trading System  4Mar15

Profit thru volatility diffusion by Donny Lee  29Jan15 

IntraDay Swing Trading by Thomas Saw   22Nov14

Opportunities in Singapore by Michael McCarthy  18Nov14

Building Your Own Framework by Chris Lori   13Nov14

Finding the right broker by Seeni NoaFX   13Nov14

Market Timing by OnlineTradingAcademy   8Nov14

Trade Markets like a Pro by Kelvin Wong      25Oct14

Forex Scaling M15 using Heiken Ashi Candlestick and EMA 5,20    23Oct14

Review on Algo Workshop by Donny Lee         19Oct14

8 Professional Trading Mistakes by Jaffe Chng    18Sep14

Realise Your Trading Potential by Nick McDonald of Precision Trading    17Sep14

Gold Market Outlook by Dar Wong   13Sep14

The Secret of Price Action by Robin Ho     10Sep14

Financial Mastery by Adam Khoo                   6Sep14

Algo Trading & Quantitative Strategies by Donny Lee    4Sep14

Market Dynamics to Profit by Andrea Unger    26Aug14

Market Trend by Daryl Guppy   26Aug14

Market Outlook by Kelvin Scully NRA Capital    22Aug14

You don't know what you don't know by Bert Antonik OnlineTradingAcademy   16Aug14

Developing Simple Strategies by Stuart McPhee (Oanda)   16Aug14

GreenFX and Nic Coaching and Training

Peter Lim FX Mentorship

Sonic R System by Kyaw Trader Sonic Deejay

Trigger Point System by Leon Tey

Plan the Trade, Trade the Plan by Nabil Mattar

Naked Trading by Nabil Mattar

Essentials of Professional Futures Trading by Tom Yuen

Why We Can Trade This Market by Chris Loris

The Candlestick Quick Start by Steve Nison

Power of Nison Candle Scanner


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