Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Short OTCS courses by Nicholas Tan

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1) Equity Course 

Date and Time :
  6 Jun 2015 (Sat) 2pm to 6pm
  13 Jun 2015 (Sat) 2pm to 6pm
  20 Jun 2015 (Sat) 2pm to 6pm
  24 Jun 2015 (Wed) 7pm to 10pm
Fee :$500
Course Outline

  Equity Market Trading Techniques
This is a 16 hours course, divided into 3 Saturdays and 1 week night for practical trading , for participants who want to be more active and hands on in the equity market. It aims to equip participants, who already have a basic knowledge of the equity market, to obtain a better return out of their stocks holding through various trading techniques. This course aims to give participants a thorough and board knowledge on stock market investment with trading techniques meant for the long term investing as well as short term and intraday trading for the day trader. Both long and short side trading techniques will be taught with emphasis on the US and Singapore stock markets. There will also a section devoted to intraday trading of the US stock indices like Dow Jones 30 and the S&P 500 index. At the end of the course, participants will be able to invest or trade stocks listed on various stock exchanges around the world with confidence. Participants will be well equipped with the knowledge to choose the type of product and technique required for successful and profitable investment or trading.
  Course Outline
  Lesson #1 Long Term Trend Following Techniques
  • Introduction to the Market Cycle
  • Introduction to Market Rotation 
  • Moving Average Channel Breakout
  Lesson #2 Gap Trading Techniques
  • Gap Support and Resistance
  • Fill and Go Technique
  • Opening Gap Breakout
  • Trading with Gap Direction
  • S&P Morning Reversal
  Lesson #3 Short Term Momentum Trading Techniques
  • Momentum Retracement Technique
  • Stochastic Pop 
  • Fibonacci Pullback
  • Fibonacci ABC Swing
  Lesson #4 Short Term Momentum Technique and Practical Trading 
  • Bollinger Band Breakout
  • Trading Discipline
  • Money Management

Only 16 seats available, 3 are taken.

2) Open Gap Course 
Date and Time :
  8 Mar 2015 (Sun) 2pm to 6pm
  11 Mar 2015 (Wed) 7pm to 10pm
Fee :$250

Course Outline
  Gap Trading Strategies for the Equity Market
  Part 1 Basic Gap Knowledge
The 4 Different Types of Gaps
The Difference between Full Gap and Partial Gap
Trading with Gap Support and Resistance
  Part 2 Trading Strategies with Gap
Breakaway Gap Trading Strategy
Midway Gap Trading Strategy
Gap Fill n Go Trading Strategy
“Oops” Gap Reversal Trading Strategy 
  Part 3 Intra Day Trading Strategies 
Trading the Opening Gap Strategy
Short Term Gap Trading
  Part 4 Trading Application with Gap Strategies.
Choosing the Gap Strategy to use
Only 16 seats available.   7 already made payment, 6 in the process of making payment.  3 remaining seats available.


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