Saturday, March 7, 2015

Q2 Market Outlook by Dar Wong 市场宏观与区域股指展望

讲师: 黄达 (Dar Wong)
主题: 市场宏观与区域股指展望 – 三洋开泰2015
简介: 随着美国经济预算退市之后,紧接着石油暴跌、欧元国再次掀起债务危机。今年,如果全球没有增息的趋势,市场将会导致何处?如果增息掀起浪潮,哪里才是最安稳的避风港?学习如何通过宏观理念,运用小量的资金去杆杠配增的回报率。

Q2 Market Outlook by Dar Wong. Key take away, market correction may come in May to end of the year. WTI Oil may go lower to $25 - $30. Gold is good level to long around $1100. Silver also bottoming up. For mid-term to long term investment: Keppel Corp wait for good level go buy around $7. Singtel broke up from S$4.10 and fair value around S$4.80. Barrick Gold Corp (NYSE:ABX) buy around US$10-US13. Zhaojin Mining (HK:1818) buy around HKD4.60. Cnooc (HK:883) wait to buy around HKD5.

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