Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hang Seng Turning Point System

This is one of the few workshop in Singapore focus on Futures Derivative Index Trading.

This is a coaching and mentoring program for Hang Seng Futures Index Trading. The program is guided via online thru facebook private group daily trade with the trainer and traders. The system focus mainly on market opening hour and usually profit are done by 9.45am to latest 10.15am. (HK time, same as SIN time zone)

Hang Seng Turning Point System is developed over 9 years of research by the trader. He is a full time private trader and has been using it in the past, still using it currently, plus will still be using it in future as it has been able to achieve consistent profit over weeks or months.

Sign up online program at http://hsicoaching.blogspot.sg/

What the student feedback:

DL:   I gathered good info on the Brokers and their different behaviours. I have studied them and they are very well thought out. Even greater are the parameters of the trade whether it ends up a profitable trade or a losing one. Overall. it makes sense and the principles are sound. Thanks so much for sharing your winning strategies. And you are absolutely right about successful trading and following a set of rules. It takes the emotion out of the trading and of the lot sizes to work with. You definitely know what you are talking about. More to learn from you!

VT:   Thanks for the excellent sharing of the 4 methods to trade HSI. They are simple and easy to execute. You are an excellent , systematic and passionate coach and i also enjoyed the clear and clean presentation. Importantly the 3 months dedicated facebook group coaching will help all of us to have ample practice and also have a platform and community to master the strategies and make money from Hang Seng consistently!

LYT: Good strategy. Workable strategy. Students can replicate teacher's success because of simplicity. "life skill benefits". Plenty of handholding to ensure success. Trade recommendation on a daily basis can sharpen students observation of market conditions. It is much better than "tips". Very valuable. 

DC:   Wow very powerful strategies. Thanks boss for the strat. So far I only practice 3 of them but working superb. Stocks too slow and not everyday can play. Hsi works best for me.  I understand the strats quite well already. Your strategy is much simpler and more profitable too

RY:   It's very good workshop. I like the way you teach very easy going style, no ego lol. And the strats are good I like cos only work morning period. Make or don't make all is done by morning first hour opening. 

JN:  I have been studying yr strategies last week after receiving yr note and found that they are all workable. Now is to build my confidence level to trade according to yr rules. Yr workshop is perfect for me not only the methods but also the emotions and money management. Thanks. 

SK:   The strategies are easy to apply and fantastic. Don't have to spend too much time for me. 

LEW: Good. Juz I got some habits from other strategy that I must consciously not apply in HS. Once I mentally aware, it is actually like what u said, boring n straight forward. Let the law of probabilities win in my favour. Count me in if u got any more strageties to conduct.

TSC:  After I join HSI, I have not traded Forex anymore. Definitely HSI can make more $$$ then Forex 

KC:   Your strategy works fine. It is encouraging to see the strategy at work
AF:   Very systematic way to make money. I love it
LYT:  Good value for money. I have attended many courses and this is the only one can really make money.  
SL:    Thank you. I profited virgin trade of 67 pts. I am starting to get the hang of the strategies
JO:   Good and simple strategy, easy to understand and implement
CC:  Useful information to go back and apply  
AW:  Good knowledge. So far quite good, positive result if I just focus on 915 am to 10 am trades.
MY:  So far i only try the one of the strategies. So far so good.
EC:   Good experience sharing

Sign up online program at http://hsicoaching.blogspot.sg/


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