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Donovan Financial Market Analysis Course

Donovan Financial Market Analysis Course 22-23Aug15 (9am-6pm) at Parkmall #13-08. Cost S$1,688

** It is not worth attending! For a 2-day course with more then S$1,500 there was not even a cup of coffee or tea or plain water offered! So lunch is definitely out. What you learnt is only using CME & Taiwan futures volume & open interest from long to short or vice versa. Do note that the statistic only posted once a week. As such it can never react fast enough for day trading. Also a real Futures trader will never trade solely on broker such as IG Markets (which he uses to trade on all instrument!!!)

* The programme for trainees will brush up from the most Foundational Basics to the Intermediate levels, and all the way to the Advanced Levels. Programme has been meticulously crafted to be suitable for anyone from zero prior knowledge to having quite some knowledge so that at the end, every one gains the optimal level. As such, no part of the course will be draggy or without content. Much time and efforts has been put in to ensure optimal gains for trainees. This is the integrity and selflessness of Donovan Norfolk Ang, a trait that exemplifies himself through the years, and a core value and philosophy he lives by.

FAQ: Is the course suitable for people with zero prior knowledge? (All FAQs:

Yes, it is suited for people with zero knowledge or little prior knowledge, and they will not have any problem learning. Better still, starting as a blank piece of paper is the optimal. The course is specially crafted in progressive steps of learning.

<< Worldwide Funds Flow Analysis >>
* Funds Flow Analysis calculations and details
* How to derive FFA
* Formula to use for calculation
* The respective levels of Funds Flow
* How to interpret FFA with respective to worldwide price actions in financial markets
* The 4 quadrants of FFA tools combination and implications (long with calls, long with puts, short with calls, short with puts)
* How to use FFA with respect to stock markets and with respective individual stocks
* All Other skills and techniques related to Worldwide Funds Flow Analysis (will not list down the rest here)

<< Miscellaneous 1 >>
* Real characteristics of bull markets and bear markets
* Timeframes: 2 levels down principle for precision and confirmations
* Interest rates and its effects
* Bond yields and relations to the inter-asset classes
* The truth about sell in may and go away
* Triple band red, green, blue model
* Which time frames do trading algorithms put emphasis in
* How to set up proper longs/buys and shorts/sells: the techniques, the skills and the lay outs
* The drag and confirm algorithmic rule of HFT

<< Miscellaneous 2: Top notch skills-techniques >>
* How I knew beforehand that 2002-2007 would be a long term super bull market using FFA (you could do the same and I will teach you how for the stocks-equities asset class)
* How I knew beforehand that 2007 would be the end of bull market using FFA  (you could do the same and I will teach you how too for the stocks-equities asset class)
* How I knew in 2007 that Big Monies worldwide shorted stock markets crazily; Note that year 2008 –> US Financial Crisis  (you could know the same things too in future and I will teach you how for the stocks-equities asset class)
* How I knew 1H-2009 would be the spot true bottom amidst a 2008 lehman collapse and systemic risk in world financial markets; 2009 proved to be the start of a super bull market that majority missed out especially the true bottom. These movements were already positioned nicely beforehand by big monies. Using FFA, Big Monies worldwide were buying crazily in 2009 and how you as an investor will be able to capitalise on such skills in future when it comes again.
* How I knew in 2012 October that worldwide property markets would start to turn into long term bear market; worldwide property markets started to hit true peak and turn one-directional down 3 months after my warnings  (you could do the same too and I will teach you how for the properties asset class)
* How I knew Japanese Nikkei will rally crazily starting in end-2012 for a 10,000 point move before it even happens; how you can capitalise on such index skills in any market in the future. (Side-note: Note that 10 contracts of $1-per-point will yield $100,000 profits in 2.5 years, a low 20 contracts for $200,000 profits and a decent 100 contracts will had yielded a $1 million profits in 2 years; this was the same for the Hang Seng Index move from 2009-2010)
* How I knew the Eurozone Crisis to come in 2011-2012 just before it came too (the techniques on how you can do it and know too in advance and capitalise on such potential money-market movements in future)
* How to be high accuracy with precision ahead of the curve and ahead of the pack most of the time.

<< Technical Analysis >>
* Classical Lines, Trendlines, Pyschological lines and EMA Lines
* Chart Formations
* Candlesticks in Brief
* Techniques of charting lines (too many people out there chart unimportant lines or lines that do not make a difference, or worse, lines that do not make sense. They do not know how to differentiate between  good lines and bad lines; it is utterly important to distinguish lines and lines-band that make a difference from lines that are nonsensical. This makes a great difference between amatuers and professionals. Here, every single skills and techniques of distinguishing important S/R lines and line-band, spotting important pivots to lay the lines and reading with depth what market is telling are taught)
* What are Big Boys’ lines and where are Smart Monies’ lines
* What is the Da Vinci Code hidden beneath the price action lines and price actions
* How to interpret with depth what the market is telling you

<< Reverse Technical Analysis >>
* The most powerful price actions come from Reverse Technical Analysis
* Reverse TA inflicts majority of market participants with terrible loss and spurs a big move that catches TA-practitioners by surprise; however, this is often also exactly the spot where investors can buy-and-hold or short-and-hold with very minimal risk and lucrative profits even with small holdings. This is where professional traders and investors must ride on the mistakes of the majority 90% of market participants (traders and investors), and capitalize fully on it
* Reverse TA theories and models are taught here and is part of advanced technical analysis; as it is more proprietary, I will not
list the full list of models and theories here (you will not find this in anywhere in this world, unless you are in the top
echelons of the hedge fund industry; Wall Street and Big Monies in your respective financial markets need you to apply standard TA wrongly to suck money from you using reverse-TA)

<< Volume Analysis Techniques >>
* VSA style concepts with some concepts reverse-VSA techniques
* There is a lot of hidden information hidden deep beneath volumes
* Here, you will learn to sieve out information, extract data from the volumes and interpret what they mean
* Are green volume bars really buying? Are red volume bars really selling?
* When is green volume bar buying and when is green volume bar actually hidden selling by the Big Boys?
* When is red volume bar selling and when is red volume bar actually hidden buying by the Big Boys?
* When is high volume good? When is high volume malicious volume?
* When is low volume good? When is low volume hidden risk?
* What is accumulation volume? When is low volume accumulation and when is low volume distribution?
* What is distribution volume? When is high volume accumulation and when is high volume distribution?
* The world of volumes coupled with price actions: what do they mean and what is the chart telling you in depth? All these techniques
are taught here by the most professional market expert in Donovan-Norfolk.

<< Major Financial Themes >>
* Financial Cyclic Themes of Any Cycle (LT Bull/Bear Markets):
+ War Themes
+ Energy Themes
+ Crisis Themes
+ Interest Rate Themes (SIBOR, LIBOR & FED FR)
+ Commodities Themes
+ Property Themes
+ Technological Themes
+ Economic Themes
+ Innnovation Themes
+ Game Changer Themes
+ Structural Reform Themes
+ Big Tide Themes
+ Policy Themes: Fiscal Policy Themes vs Monetary Policy Themes

<< Minor Themes of a Small Cycle >>
* Air crash theme
* natural disaster theme
* Profit-Loss theme
* Industry themes
* Raw Material themes
* Competition themes
* Anticipation themes

<< Indicators >>
* Economic Indicators and Technical Indicators
* What are lagging indicators
* What are leading indicators
* What are the indicators DNA uses
* What are useless indicators
* Are indicators actually the biggest thrash out there? How to use thrash minimally?
* When to use indicators and when not to use indicators

<< Natural Flow Theory >>
* Proprietary Model

<< Miscellaneous >>
* Impulsive Waves and Corrective Waves
* Golden ratios
* pareto principle in market axis
* GR and PP in cycles
* Inter market analysis

<< Asset Classes >>
* Stocks and Equities
* Indices
* Options/Warrants
* Commodities
* Foreign Exchange (Forex/FX)
* Bonds and Treasury Notes
* Yields

<< Inter-Asset Class Analyses: forex, commodities, stocks, indices, options >>
* Relationships
* Correlation and Inverse-Correlation
* Triangulation
* Synchrony Principles

<< Additional Models worth mentioning: Forex >>
* Pairing System
* W-S Principles
* Forex ball games vs Stocks ball games (these are different balls games that need different techniques)
* TA and reverse TA in FX
* Other techniques (will not list down the rest here)

<< Stocks and Equities >>
* Stocks and Equities Techniques
* Intermarket techniques for correlations and triangulations to achieve high reliability
* Application of Worldwide Funds Flow Techniques for beyond 90% accuracy in judgement of oneself’s own portfolio of stocks trends
* Funds Flow Techniques for triangulation (very important cutting edge techniques)
* TA and reverse TA in FX
* Other techniques (will not list down the rest here)

<< AOB >>

Note that the topics above are not exhaustive as there may be pending additional materials to be added.


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  2. Well, this financial analysis Singapore course seems to be quite interesting. It covers everything.

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