Monday, September 28, 2015

Hang Seng Turning Point System HS TPS

Hang Seng Turning Point System HS TPS workshop on 26Sep15 9am to 1pm by Raymond Tan.

5 Unique self developed consistent profitable strategies by Raymond.

What you will learn from this course:
1. Keys to Success Trading
2. Trading Journal
3. Positive Expectancy
4. Hang Seng Futures Contract
5. Charting
6. Hang Seng Turning Point System with five strategies
7. Case studies

Below are the biggest bonus value of this course as follow up support
8. Life time access to private inner circle Hang Seng facebook trading group
9. Daily refresh and strategies review thru Hang Seng facebook private trading group
10. Daily free pre market opening trading plan setup

The course has been running daily via Hang Seng facebook private trading group and bi-monthly classroom session. Next schedule classroom session is on 2Apr16.

For experience traders can go for one full day workshop as the afternoon 2pm to 5pm is Advance Trading Workshop.

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