Thursday, December 3, 2015

Day Trading by Kenny Tam

Day Trading by Kenny Tam & associate Kenlim Kok Nan Lim 2-day Trading Course

Kenlim Kok Nan Lim's photo.
Kenny Tam, from Hong Kong. He has been in financial markets more than 15 years. He would like to share my special trading techniques, and help you to bring home CASH everyday.

By doing so, you should have a few criterias: Money, Patient, Vision.

He will show you how to beat the markets with my approaches. If you want to join his class, (limited to 15-20 persons as per class with 1 day real time live / 1 day theory study, no selling indicator software, class conduct with Cantonese dialogue only) , please contact the Malaysia local associates at the following in the Facebook : Kenlim Kok Nan Lim

Date: 15-16 January 2016 (Friday & Saturday)
Place : KL / Selangor area (Dataran Prima PJ)

The class schedule:
Day One (Friday) /
The class duration 10:00am-5:00pm. For Real Time Trading Analysis -Index Futures and Equity trading concerns( HK / global market / other index and commodities )
Day Two (Saturday) /
The class duration 10:00am to 5:00pm
Technical skills: Trend Analysis
momentum and signals identification
Cashing out trading
( lunch 12pm-1pm / tea break 3pm )

Course fee RM2,000 for 2-day courses
Kenlim Kok Nan Lim with Kenny Tam


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