Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Property Seminar by Patrick Liew

Property Seminar by Patrick Liew at International Plaza #19-14  7.30pm - 10pm


  1. is the $1K course worth the money and time to attend?

  2. $1K for at least two ppl sign up?

  3. Snake oil seller. Buy a bungalow for 1.9m no need to pay a single cent if u got connections. Wait 3 years sell 2.4 then pay back the 1.9 n get 500k free. U believe? I can't believe the crowd went wild and 4 ppl instantly sign up. U shud quit your job. go sell some snake oil ourselves.

    1. The 4 who signed up must have been planted into the crowd to encourage sign uo. What nonsense...

  4. Just attended his seminar last evening. Looks like really a lot of people wanted to invest but don't know how and very weak knowlage of our law. He either have a super stupid seller or developer who will allow him to "so Call" buy the properties without any payment - ie no contact sign cause no consideration and the bank can loan him when he does not have any sales and purchase agreement or they have something BIG cooking in the pot which we are not told. If this is trre, it is super super high risk not consideration if it is legal or not.

  5. DO NOT SIGN UP for the MAPIC seminar!!
    I'm one of the stupid sucker who did so and felt super cheated hence hope no one fall for such trick again.

    The tips they shared are very general and notes given out in a file are all blank citing participant should capture what they have learnt.

    They will ask participants to open a separate bank account for investment & encourage u to sign up for Real estate course, probably to rope u in as their property agent in future to help them sell their overseas properties for developers they hooked up with.

    Last advice, do NOT sign up and be a sucker!

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  8. Hello, this is Patrick Liew.

    I would like to invite anyone who would like to find out more to spend an evening with me.

    Talk to me and find out for yourself.

    About Dr Patrick Liew


    1. Dear Sir,

      Attended your seminar. i must profess that you are indeed a great speaker.

      In regards to your determination to repay society (CSR) with the 10% as commanded in the Holy Bible, for that i hope you will achieved as much as possible towards this aspects or mission.

      However,in my personal opinion.
      1. Please do not use GOD's name in vain.
      2. Do not use cancer patient or related as an example, as all scenario diffs.
      3. Should you set up to Mentorship. Shouldn't you be teaching or imparting all your knowledge without unconditionally.
      (You declared that you are High Net Worth, "Freely you received, Freely you give")
      4. Hunbly pray that you are not reaching out for the sake of Monies.
      5.Successful in life may not necessarily being a Millionaire. Not every are made to be as you are fully aware.

      These are my 2 cents worth.

      May GOD your heavenly Father bless you and make your path straight.

  9. Hi Mr Patrick. Would you be kind enough to meet up with me just for a chit chat session? Appreciate your kind reply. Best Regards