Sunday, September 18, 2016

Profit Mastery 2 by Wealth Directions

This year, the theme will be “New ways of investing”. As you may know, market has been very volatile lately and we figured that it is time that we share more knowledge around “new” ways of getting profit from the market. The topic will revolve around 3 trends that we are seeing:

1)     Social trading
2)     Thematic Investing
3)     Factor based investing

For that, we have lined up some experts to talk about their insight around those trends. PLUS we are very fortunate to have Mr Song Seng Wun as our key note speaker to talk about the current microeconomic situation. All the hope of preparing fellow investors for the upcoming uncertainly around low oil prices and US presidential election.

You can learn more about speakers and the topic for at (enter promotion code "BLOG50" to get 50% discount)



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