Friday, February 25, 2011

Colin Seow - CSI 10Mar2014 (Alpha Asia )

CSI - Colin Seow Indicator

Abstract from Colin Facebook posting on 10Mar2014:

Someone ask me how my system work. CSI work, I just give a quick summary, blue candle: buy mode. red :sell mode. Green arrow buy on next day if break high. Candle turn red or break dotted red support sell. Red arrow sell short on next day if break prior low, candle blue or break above dotted blue line buy back. Trend rating: the higher the trend rating the more powerful is the can welcome to ask about your stock but I can only post when I have time. works with stock above 0.50 and volume above 500,000. does not work with side way stock over 6months . generally, will be profitable over 2 years time frame. not 100%. the win-loss ratio is around 60%, payoff ratio about 2:1 depending on the stock. The system is trend following and cut loss fast if wrong. let u add position when you are right. just comment below on your stock I will do my best to post up the chart.

===========================================================  Colin Seow

A remisier from Phillip Securities. His passion is in technical analysis and using it to study the market. He conducts free 6hr introduction course "Foundation of Trading" to all his clients.

4P of trading:   Product, Price, Position, Psychology

Price  Mgm: ETET Entry, Target, Exit, Time

Swing Trading Strategy: Indicators, Moving Average, Oscillator, Stop loss


Positioin Sizing


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