Monday, February 28, 2011

TARA internet business - LiXin, Pam Siow    by Pam Siow

Pam Siow is an expert in helping people build their ideal business online with minimal budget. She worked in leading Multi-national companies like Siemens and Toshiba for four years before she chanced across an internet marketing seminar which taught her to utilize the internet for leads generation.
After four months, she earned enough to quit her job as an Assistant Marketing Manager in Toshiba notebooks. She was the top student to hit $10,000 within one year. She currently owns the biggest chain of online music agencies where she partners with music schools for leads generation. This is her source of passive income.

The Birth Of Tara Internet Business
The seed of Tara Internet Business started last year when Pam started wondering what her life purpose was while sitting at home, generating passive income. The funny thing was that she achieved her previous year goal of building a business that generates passive income and was starting to find life meaningless from shopping, relaxing and holidays.
Always being an avid learner, she realized something was wrong when (America’s Biggest Female Coach) Ali Brown’s DVDs made her cry with joy when she listened to how female entrepreneurs broke their personal and business barriers. Recognizing her emotional connection with this cause, she made a decision to use her internet marketing skills to help people live their true abundance.
In her search, she met a powerful and kind female coach who groomed her to share her talents despite of her massive fear of public speaking. Currently, Pam is delighted that her life is even more blessed and fulfilling (no more soul searching!) ever since she chose to step up and reach out to people seeking their life purpose.
She is determined to help people double their income while working less through the internet. Life is meant to be joyful and fun. You CAN earn money through your passions. Learn how by registering at one of our introductory internet seminars.

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