Saturday, March 9, 2013

Larry Williams - Wealth Mentors

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Larry Williams seminar at Sheraton Hotel on 9-Mar-13 Sat 10am-12pm by Wealth Mentors.

Five things to note:
1. The Government is Right
2. We can get a glimpse of the Future - on occasion
3. Fundamentals matter
4. The key is Money Management
5. Trend is market gravity

A glimpse of the future:
1.  Seasonal
2.  Cycles
3.  Pattern and price
4. Tradable

Master cycle every 4 to 4.5 year pattern

Intraday "Seasonal" pattern

Stock Market in Singapore pattern - Monday down, Tuesday up

Larry bought Gold on Friday night during mid-session based on his Friday Gold pattern and expect Gold to pick up next few weeks - months.

Cycle Studies
Cycle are about time, more than magnitude

Tradional Business
- 13 week cycle
- 90 day commercial paper
- Quaterly release of earning

Gold Forecast - long gold during March usually bottom

Fundamentals - why trade commodities over stocks
- Supply and Demand
- Premium / Contango
- Commercial buysing (net long and net short via weekly report)
- Advisory Sentiment
- Valuation
- Money Supply / Interest Rates

Stock Markets Insider trading:
-  Insider buying is more significant than insider selling as buyer got insider information stock is moving up but selling could due to personal and individual financial environment requirement

Turtle System - a trend following break out system. Buy or sell at break of last 20 or 55 days.
- Does not work as need a lot of capital as incur loss most of the time when market is sideway and only recover when capture few big trend break out.
One such example is Quants fund fell 3.4% last year after a 7.9% decline in 2011.

One rule for Gold
-  Iif tomorrow is some x day (suspect referring to Friday), then another 40 day average of close is > 2 days average and 3rd week of the month.
207 trades 93% wins
Average trade $600
Maximum drawdown $5,000
44 wins in a row and 2 losses

Money Management
- Different from every individual
- 2% to 3% max drawdown per trade

- All profits are a function of time. No time, no profit.

Larry Williams Trading Mastery Bootcamp
23-24Mar13 Sat-Sun 9am-5pm at Furama City Center Chinatown
2 - days course:
-  What really moves the market
-  3M Formula
-  Money Management
-  Mindset
-  Methods:
a. How to identify trend.
b. Short term trading system works on all time frame
c. Swing trades and long term trade

For first 25 sign up today only with following 4 bonus free:
1.  One month Larry TV weekly trade alert
2.  Simple mechanical method for gold
3.  Larry buy/sell indicators
4.  When and why the market moves

The course is value at $12,000 for today offering at $3,997.

The course is promoted by Aaron CEO of Wealth Mentor.


  1. I was there too and this pretty sums up what was said. well done.

    1. More at facebook

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