Sunday, April 28, 2013

Jimmy Young EURUSDTrader

Jimmy Young One Year Professional Trainee Program  US2,495

This program is an on-going live training and live trading experience. The idea is for you to learn how Jimmy analyzes the market and makes intelligent trading decisions.

Live on-line training: 5 75-minute sessions; you will learn in detail the systems, tools, and software he uses.
Live on-line trading: 52 75-minute sessions; you will learn to apply the systems, tools, and software in real time.

The daily TRADEFINDER (a 5-7 minute timely video recording) provides you with trade ideas before the fact every trading day of the year. To develop your skill, there is also a brief critique of the prior day’s trade ideas.

The weekly NEWSTRADER excel spreadsheet provides you with ideas of how to trade and position for the upcoming week’s key scheduled news events. Strategies are reviewed and updated in the daily RADEFINDER.

Email and phone support directly with Jimmy is a key benefit of the program.
System training workbook is written version of live on-line training sessions.
Basic forex and basic trading videos for newbies to forex or trading.
Recordings of all live training and live trading sessions are archived and available for repeat viewing LIVE TRAINING

The next live on-line training will begin on May 11, 2013. The dates and times of all 2013 training sessions: You can attend live on-line training as many times as you like.

52 live trading sessions are included in this program. You will start receiving invites to all live on-line trading sessions as soon as you join the program. 2013 trading sessions:

The daily webcast is sent out no later than 7am London Time, Monday through Friday. You will receive the TRADEFINDER in your inbox and you can also access it in the member’s forum:

Weekly NEWSTRADER emailed to you every Sunday evening and is also available in the member’s forum.
1) Live training (5 live on-line sessions, repeated each month)
2) Live trading (52 live on-line sessions)
3) TRADEFINDER (260 timely daily webcasts)
4) NEWSTRADER (52 weekly updates)
5) Email and phone support (directly with me)
6) Basic forex and basic trading videos (for beginners)
7) Archived recordings of all live on-line sessions

The complete cost of the entire one year trainee program is $2,495

Annual renewal is $295 for TRADEFINDER (NEWSTRADER added free)
Annual renewal is $195 for live on-line trading
Please email Jimmy Young directly at
or call Jimmy at 845 226 5403 (12pm to 9pm Eastern Time)


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