Sunday, April 28, 2013

EZ FX CODE Trading System - Patrick Lee

Preview on Saturday 27Apr13 10am-12pm at Six Battery Road #20-01  About 17 attendee

Simple and basic FX course. CODE system is using different indicators on different time frame.

Preview Highlights
- Profile of Trainer/Mentor
  1984-2008 Engineering, Technical & Operational Management, Director & GM of Manufacturing Plants
  Options Trading -2006
  Forex Trading 2009
  Mentoing and FX course Q4-2012
  EZ FX CODE Jan-2013
- Investing vs Trading
- Forex vs other Financial Markets
- Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis
- Forex Trading as a Business and Full time career
- Why do yo need a Mentor
- EZ FX CODE Trading Course Structure & Schdule
3rd class scheduled to start on 11May13, limited to 15 pax per class

Course Content:    SE2,488
- Forex Basic
- MT4 platform
- Technical Analysis 101
- Key Candlestick Patterns
- Key Chart Patterns
- 7 Key Indicators
- Price Action, Support & Resistance
- Fibonacci Retracements and Extensions
- High Probability Low Risk Strategies (Scapling, intra-day and position)
- Trading Psychology
- Extended Demo Trading and Mentoring

Course Venue at 5001 Golden Mile Complex #06-19 (West Wing Office Lift Lobby)


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