Saturday, September 14, 2013

Option Pundit - Manoj K Agrawal

(Powerful Option Trading Strategies for Consistent Income - Trade To Live Well.)

In this 4-hr talk, Chief Trainer of OptionPundit, Mr Manoj K Agrawal 
  1. 6 Trading secrets of Riches, Pro traders
  2. A Powerful blueprint to set you up for trading success
  3. Powerful trading patterns that will blow your mind
  4. How can you trade options successfully to generate consistent income
  5. Powerful free tools that will blow you away so you don't need to pay for softwares
There after $3,216 for the course and special offer S$2,000 for attendee:

1. Trade what works for Manoj
2. Build the infrastructure before trading
3. Develop the trading edge
4. Structure good trades and to allocate capital efficiently
5. Manage risk 
6. Gain confidence with increase consistency and profitability
7. Be part of a mastermind circle and to have a coach

Bonus:   Power strategy session with Manoj to learn to a complete set-up with specific parameters of a "High Pobability, Low Risk, High Reward" price pattern. Receive trade ideas for the same pattern consecutively for 5 days following the strategy session.

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