Sunday, September 29, 2013

Special Offer - Trade Room Suite 3.0 (TRS3) 
Priced at $1788 for 4 days only!

That's almost 50% off our ENTIRE set of precision indicators! Offer expires 10pm U.S. EST on October 1st. 

FREE! Indicator Installation (a $100 value)
FREE! One month in our Trading Room (a $179 value)
FREE! Market Replay Data Downloader
FREE! Lock in today's low price on Lifetime Room or on VIP upgrade for 2 months (contact Lisa for details and pricing on those packages:
With the TRS3, you all this power:
SpeedTick (order flow) OBOS (based on RSI, CCI or other)
Ricochet (tape reading) Pocket Dot
Flash (divergence)
Rolling Pivots
First Touch Reset (relative strength)
PullBack Alert (Volume Spread Analysis)   

 Is it possible to get the works, the VIP? Yes.
      Simply Contact Lisa:

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