Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trading Plan Workshop - OTCS

Trading Plan Workshop Title "So You Are A Trader?"  by OTCS (Online Traders Club Singapore)

How to develop an effective program so Traders will turn themselves into winning traders? It has nothing to do with training. The traders have to transform themselves.

So many traders learning strategies again and again, yet they still cannot produce consistent winning results in the long run, why?

One key area is that the trader learns a strategy and expects to win 100% of the time. On the first few losses, they immediately write-off the learning and start to look for new strategy. The cycle goes on and on and the trader is confined to the “chasing-the-tail” loop forever, unable to break through.

There is an old saying: When the student is ready the teacher will appear”. I read it as: “If we are not ready to receive, nothing, no matter how sound the advice is, will get into our head. It is ourselves who choose to filter out information.”

With that in mind, a new approach workshop to help the traders transform.

Most traders have more knowledge than necessary to become a winning trader. Yet, the knowledge is fragmented. Therefore, instead of conduction another training session, this workshop is to start helping the traders to look inside, to extract what they already know and develop into their own unique trading plan step-by-step.

The workshop will compose many modules, each module will focus on each of the follow areas:
1.    The 4-pillars of personal success
a.    Know yourself
b.    Know your limits
c.    Know your market
d.    Know your strategy
2.    The 4-pillars of a complete trading system
a.    Entry management
b.    Exit management
c.    Risk management
d.    Money management

Each module will come with personal activities that the workshop participant needs to do, which is unique for him or her. Since the module is focused on one key point at a time, therefore, the work can be performed easily by the participants. Adding up all the personal activities over the duration of the workshop, a complete trading plan will be created for the participants. Since they involve in the development of his or her own plan, it is likely they will follow to win in the long term.

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