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16Jan14 and 20Feb14 (7pm to 10pm) S$80 at

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The problem with forex trading
Forex trading is 24 hours, but humans are not designed to work 24 hours a day:
  • Our eyes are unable to stare at the screen for that long
  • Our minds are not able to trade multiple strategies concurrently
  • Our hearts are swayed by emotions which interferes with trading decisions
  • Humans make mistakes
  • Our time is limited, especially if we have a day job or family commitments

The solution to forex trading 
Financial institutions, hedge funds and professional traders use robots and computer software to trade forex, which solves all the problems listed above.
For the first time in Singapore, is conducting a seminar on how anyone can trade forex easily using forex trading software. This seminar is suitable for all age groups, education backgrounds and trading experience - even if you know absolutely nothing about forex trading.

What this seminar teaches you
Enough of books and boring lectures, let's get straight into trading in this hands-on seminar, where our instructors will teach you:
  • How to set up demo and live forex accounts (for beginners who don't know how to set up accounts)
  • How to use the MetaTrader MT4 forex trading platform (the most famous retail forex trading platform)
  • How to install, load and run MT4 robots, also known as expert advisors (you will follow along on your laptops)
  • How to test robots, observe trades and evaluate robot performance (live trading and demonstration on live forex markets)
  • How to set up a free virtual private server (VPS) so that you do not require a laptop to trade robots
  • How to download forex trading robots for free, and where to find them

Requirements and what to bring:
  • You do not require any prior knowledge on forex trading or software
  • Please bring along a windows laptop because you will be trading on your laptop, and our trainers can assist you on the spot

If you intend to open a forex account, we will help you do so. If so, please bring along:
  • Your identity card (NRIC or driver's licence) - to verify identity
  • A recent utilities bill, phone bill or credit card bill - to verify address

Other information


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