Sunday, March 27, 2016

LRM Warrant by Yong Chin Hiong

LRM (Low Risk Matrix) Warrant by Yong Chin Hiong of Quattro Global Live Day Trading Academy
at International Plaza #34-07 7pm to 9pm

Benefit of trading Warrants:
1) Ability to go long (Buy) and short (sell)
    Trading has to have both sides long and short
2) Lower Trading Cost - only 0.005%
3) Leverage
4) Liquidity
    Hang Seng Index is too big to be manipulated

=  Hang Seng Index strike pirce 20200 issued by Macquarie Call Warrant (Buy) Expired at 2016Apr29

LRM (Lower Risk Matrix)
LRM is a directional scalping method that utilize a matrix based on a mathematical calculation to trigger a buy order at a specific point and exit the trade with a minimum risk.

1) Straight forward method to keep risk at minium
2) Scalable profits
3) Easy to apply
4) Consistent profit

Courses will be conducted at SGX Academy

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