Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mega Speaker JT Foxx

Mega Speaker seminar by JT Foxx on 26Mar16 9am to 6pm at RWS

Now the time frame is shorter vs 10 years ago
Few years ago we will set a 5 years plan.
Nowadays we live year by year


So You Want to Be a...
Speaker? Coach? Author? Or Get Branded? 
Welcome to Mega Speaker Singapore, where we are here to help you…
START Unknown & Finish Unforgettable

Speaking and Coaching are some of the most profitable professions in the world. I would know because even though I started as a stutterer with a big fear of public speaking, today I am the World’s #1 Wealth Coach and one of the highest paid platform speakers in the world. I created more speakers globally last year than any other guru and I speak in at least 40 countries worldwide. (Check out pictures below) Now, are you next?
I don’t care if you've never spoken before, are unsuccessful in your own mind or you have no idea what you would speak or coach on. We will figure that out at the event. Even if you are never interested in selling a product but would like to use speaking to increase your own profile or brand, this is the event for you.Mega Speaker March 26 in Singapore.
The reason I am doing this 1 day personally is because I have spent a lot of time in Singapore and I know what new and aspiring speakers in Singapore have to go through to promote themselves. I am coming back to town to help you get branded, to help find the next big speaker in Singapore, across Asia, or globally if you want.
Here are some of the topics we are going to cover. We will try to cover as many as possible in 1 day from 9am-6pm.

28 Game Changing Topics

Topic #1: How to get branded by speaking, even if you don’t want to be a sales speaker.
Topic #2: How to become a top platform speaker ($1 Million plus selling your product).
Topic #3: How to be a paid keynote speaker ($5000-$25,000 per gig).
Topic #4: How to become a top paid coach (Life, Wealth, Real Estate, Internet or Business).
Topic #5 How to get speaking engagements in the US and Canada.
Topic #6 How to get speaking engagements internationally.
Topic #7 How to speak with celebrities like Pacino, Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Zuckerberg.
Topic #8 How to become a promoter and create your own events.
Topic #9: How to become a New York Times best-selling Author.
Topic #10: How to become a celebrity in your own niche.
Topic #11: How to become a published author.
Topic #12: How to create your own products to sell on stage.
Topic #13: How to create a product and sell it online.
Topic #14: How to create an eBook as a lead generation.
Topic #15 How to become an Amazon best-selling author.
Topic #16 How to create your own CD of the month program.
Topic #17 How to build your database (List Building).
Topic #18 How to get onto other speaker's stages.
Topic #19 How to create your stages for your own events.
Topic #20 How to hire other speakers to speak for you and your brand.
Topic #21 How to create your own radio show.
Topic #22 How to get PR and on TV.
Topic #23 How to become the authority on the market.
Topic #24 How to make $1 Million a year as a speaker/coach/promoter.
Topic #25 How to make $100,000 plus as a speaker/coach/promoter.
Topic #26 How to become a top female speaker (they are desperately needed).
Topic #27 How to build passive income as a speaker/coach/consultant.
Topic #28 How to close better than your competition each and every time.

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