Tuesday, April 15, 2014

FX ASRC Mentorshop Program - Peter Lim

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Next course on 25Oct14

Peter Lim one day Mentorship program will teach you my trading strategies which I have used to trade the FX market using my P2000 Methods. 

The programs covers various aspects of professional trading, including money management, risk reward ratios, trading psychology & developing a trading plan. 

Apart from trading and management you will also have my proprietary patent pending ASRC FXCODE indicator unique in the FX industry which I took more than 18 months to develop and fine tune. With this new knowledge and unique tools you can confidently build your own trading methodologies to succeed in FX Trading.

For post program support you will be added into a PLMP P2000 disciples closed group where you will continue to received updates and new strategies from ASRC FXCODE.

To register please PM Peter Lim on facebook if you are interested in taking up this mentorship program.

P2000 Mentorship Program

Course on 26Sep14



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