Sunday, April 20, 2014

Total Defense Trading Plan Workshop by OTCS James Hon

Synopsis of the Workshop:

Regardless of instruments you trade, be it forex, shares, commodities, options, warrants, futures, or contracts for difference, everyone loses. Even the winning traders, who do win in the long term, lose on many of their trades in their trading journey. There is no such thing as 100 percent accuracy.

Two of the biggest obstacles in trading is managing risk and using a winning method. However, even if you control your risk on every trade and have a methodology that is a winner in the long term, you can still be stressed up.

Even with a robust trading system or methodology that wins in the long term, you may have to sit through losing trades of 10-20 trades at some point in your trading journey.
• What does it take to win back after you lose, or after you lose big, or after you lose over and over several times in a roll?
• You may be underperforming for a month or quarter, can you tolerate such pressure?

How do you balance the logical side and the emotional side of you when you are trading under the pressure of live markets with real money on the line?

The number one Key to Successful Trading is DISCIPLINE. According to Wikipedia DISCIPLINE is "...the assertion of willpower over more base desires, and is usually understood to be synonymous with self-control. ..."

If your losses are eating you up emotionally, then this coaching session maybe the solution for you. The “So you are a trader” coaching session is designed to help you, as a trader, to consolidate your learnt knowledge, and to re-look at your personality to develop your own unique total trading plan.

This Coaching Session is not another training workshop. It is a hand-holding session to help you as a trader to consolidate your fragmented knowledge into a Total Defense Trading Plan. It is not suitable for persons without any trading experience.

There are 8 specific areas to focus on, they are:
• The 4-pillars of personal success
• The 4-pillars of a complete trading system

The four session dates are as follows :
1) 10 May (Sat) 2pm-5pm   Part 1 – The qualitative aspect
2) 24 May (Sat) 2pm-5pm   Part 2 – The 4-pillars of personal success
3) 14 Jun (Sat) 2pm-5pm    Part 3 - The 4-pillars of a complete trading system
4) 28 Jun (Sat) 2pm-5pm    Part 4 – Putting them all together

Cost:  S$120 for OTCS club members, Additional S$60 for non-member to join as member 
Speaker James Hon
James Hon is a retired businessman. Being curious about why so many very smart people got bitten in trading, he spent more than six years to join OTCS and to observe how the “traders” behave. He also studied many successful traders to come up with the conclusion: • there are many different ways to trade profitably
• all successful traders put a high priority on cutting losses and managing risk.


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