Saturday, April 12, 2014

Trading with an Edge - Daniel Ang Singapore Stocks Forum

Daniel Ang - Singapore Stock Forum. on 10Apr14 at SCCCI by TASS

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The talk focus on four Scenarios of Price & Volume Relationship with many local stocks examples.
Mr. Daniel Ang specializes in Price & Volume Action trading and brings valuable experience to amateurs through his mentoring. He has been actively trading full-time for over 6 years and is well-known by his peers as ‘Contra king’. Previously a Senior Mentor of established trading schools for 5 years, Daniel now conducts private coaching tailored for small group participants. His passion for trading drives him to actively share his knowledge with aspiring traders, giving them confidence in their ability.
Leveraging on his deep understanding of market dynamics, Daniel pioneered the ‘Understanding Price & Volume Relationship Workshop’ in 2011, a topic he could strongly relate to as an intraday trader. Numerous traders who have gone through the workshop praised him for sharing an invaluable knowledge that completely changed their perspective of trading. Daniel possesses a strong ability to anchor fundamental concepts through the use of real examples and easy to understand methodologies.

His most recent involvement is being a Chief Analyst of Singapore Stocks Forum, a team of Trading Professionals providing daily market insights as a service. 

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