Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Short Term Trading Strategies by Wong Kon How Feb-2016

Short Term Trading Strategies by Wong Kon How   (S$800)

This course aims to help the participants learn how to take advantage of market daily movements and to identify short term trading opportunity.

You will learn how to manage and to capture more trading opportunities in the stocks market and in the regional indices.

To assess your own trading risk appetite is the first key to trade successfully. This course will guide you on how to balance between risk managing and trading opportunities.

Learning outcome:
  • To develop a market view towards short term trading, both in the stock market and the regional indices.
  • To identify between noises and the potentials - to act on the opportunity.
  • Identify appropriate timing to trade stock or derivatives.
  • Develop a short term trading strategy and plan.
  • Applying short term trade as part of your long term investment plan.
  • Risk management for short term trading.
  • Application through the “Live analysis presented by the participants” segment.

Registration and more details:

16th, 18th, 23rd & 25th Feb 16 (4 evenings, 12 hours)

Jakarta Room (Level 2)
2 Shenton Way
SGX Centre 1
Singapore 068804

Course Fee:

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Section 1: Market Analyzing Process 
 Discussion on market cycles and trends 
 Attributes for short term trades 
 Handling stocks and derivatives in:  
o Uptrend market 
o Range condition 
o Downtrend market

Section 2: Concept of short term trading and its opportunities 
 Identifying daily trading range for each market 
 Setting profit target for intra-day trading 
 Identifying the psychology of the "Herd" traders-which side they are on? 
 Deciding on the day's trading direction 
 Studying the market volume-the winners and the losers 
 Identifying the significant day's low and high-to initiate and to exit 
 Applying "Precision market entry strategy" 
Section 3: Application in the stocks market 

 Identifying the “hot” stock 
 Deciding for the long haul – touch and grab 
 Deciding for the short term – touch and go 

Section 4: Application in the derivatives market 
 Understanding derivatives and the correct usage 
 Identifying intra-day trading opportunities Section 

5: Risk management & sustainability in Trading 
 Managing short term trades 
 Accumulation for growth  The Trading Matrix 
 5 steps-Sustainability in Trading

His company’s belief: 
Knowledge is not power. 
Applying what you have learned is. We create the bridge! 

We believe that every keen investor and trader should have the opportunity to learn about the financial market in a progressive and manageable manner. Regardless of your background and your starting point, if you have the right learning attitude, you too can be a professional in this field!"

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