Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sonic R System Forex Course by Kyaw Tun & Jmes Asf

Detail of Sonic R Course

Sonic R System by Kyaw Tun & Jmes Asf - 1st Batch 27Feb16 One day course S$888

A brief introduction of Sonic R System.
Sonic R. System is a trading system that mainly shared and discussed in Forex factory. It is originated from Sonicdeejay (Kyaw Tun) and now it has 12 millions views with many contributors and followers.
Friends and members of public that are interested in Sonic R system and wants to maximize your potential in trading to achieve consistent results could pm Jmes Asf or Kyaw to indicate your interest.
A few topic to give you guys a heads up.
1) What the market is all about
2) How the market moves and how can you participate it
3) Why 95% traders can't consistently make money and how to fix it.
4) How it is like to be on another side of your trade position and what can we learn
5) Learn the charting in proper way. Good, Bad and Ugly of it.
6) Trading Edge (Sonic R System)
7) Case Studies will be on Forex, Indexes and Stocks
Of course, the trading plans will be provided free and expected to FOLLOW IT DILIGENTLY to maximize the results.
Nice Booklet will be provided.
Nice Lunch to be provided. Let's Makan..
Date is tentatively 27 Feb. 

Trainers Jmes Asf and Kyaw Tun. Next course 27Mar16.

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    But He too is a master now :)

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  5. Hi, do you mind telling me when is your next course. Interested in signing up but no contact details here..