Tuesday, February 2, 2016

VDFX Vernan Damon Forex Trading

 VDFX Vernan Damon Forex Trading Program

VDFX Program Detail


4th Batch -  1stMar16 - 30Mar16
(First 8 slot 10% discount)
4th batch, Early Bird Price for first 8 seats: USD$540/$SGD755/£382
Thereafter, Normal Price: USD$600/$SGD840/£422 (Max 20 seats/Batch)

2nd batch, Early Bird Price for first 10seats: USD$540/$SGD755
Normal Price: USD$600/$SGD840 (Max 30seats/Batch)

2nd Batch - VDFX One Month Trading Programme
Course Date : 5th Oct – 30th Oct (20 Trading Days)

The VDFX trading programme is an intensive one month training course designed to provide you with the knowledge and mental fitness to master the forex markets from experienced traders. Through a combination of formal teaching, active mentorship, and self-managed simulated trading, it is hope that our programme will immensely help you to accelerate your learning curve as a technical analysis multi-timeframe intraday trader.

Mission Statement
Our main objective is to educate, coach, and support determined individuals who are passionate about the financial markets so that they may pursue a lifelong lucrative career in trading. We will provide you with a highly focused simple trading system that has been developed for over 7 years with sound money management. The trading training programme will be taught in similar manner to an online proprietary trading environment. You will be responsible for reporting your own daily pips and P&L which is visible to every member. Be honest to yourself and be honest to us.
Throughout the process we adhere to instil in you the key traits of discipline, emotional control, and a strong work ethic. While we are great believers in a strong theoretical background it is the practical application of what is delivered in the programme that give our traders the edge. Course participants therefore spend a number of hours throughout the course applying what they have learnt in practice. Only with repeated practice can the discipline, control and decision making skills be nurtured to set a trader on their way to become a consistently profitable trader.

The Training Package:
* Educational webinars, Q&A, and reviews
* Charting indicators and templates
* Trading simulator – develop your experience with the strategy. Realise your failings on a day-to-day basis on the simulator and go through a process of positive self-directed improvement.
Course Outline
* Introduction/Technical Analysis – learn how to use and interpret a broad range of metrics including candlestick patterns, price action, and multi-timeframe analysis in order to make strategic trading decisions.
* Trading Mindset – understand the importance of your attitudes and beliefs and how to engage the market like an elite trader.
* High probability Strategy – Gain in-depth exposure to our core trading strategies, set-ups, volume analysis, and the pattern plays we use to trade the markets.
* Live Strategy Examples.
* Money & Risk Management – Grasp how probability and risk-reward of your trading setups are
 the pillars of your expected return and how to manage your money effectively throughout a trading week.
* Strategy filters & News strategy.
* Monthly, weekly, and daily trading routines.
* Goal setting & Journalling.

Programme Timetable (Webinars will be at 22:00PM – 00:00PM SGT(2 hours) and recorded)
* Week 1: Four lessons on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
* Week 2: Four lessons on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.
* Week 3: You trade and we guide you with daily biases, potential setups, and review trades.
* Week 4: We provide daily educational trade calls and give feedback on performance and process implementation.

2nd batch, Early Bird Price for first 10seats: USD$540/$SGD755
Normal Price: USD$600/$SGD840 (Max 30seats/Batch)

Singapore Bank: DBS Saving Plus
Account Number: 011-6-040185
Swift Code: DBSSSGSG
Account Holder Name: (Ask)  Paypal: (ask)

Note: Seats are only limited to a few participants each month as we prefer to be able to actively coach our course participants. Once payment has been completed please print screen it to Vernan or Damon.

Vernan Signal Service

Trade Calls will be send by Whatsapp Broadcast along with description on each trade.
1.Trade Based on higher time frame's trend, Price Action, EMA34 HLC, and Support/Resistance.
2. Trades no hold more than 2 days and no more than 3 trade running at a same time.
3. Main pair : AU NU GU GJ EU Ucad Uchf, HangsengIndex Gold and Dowjones.
4. Sometimes i dont hold trades until given TP and SL if the Price Action acting against my trades.
5. Trade time : 1hour before LO - end of the day.
6. Maximum stoploss is 70pips for normal market, average SL is 35-40pips.
7. No Martingale, No averaging on losing position..
8. I wont suggest you to add position while on red or overtrade the money u can afford to loss, so i need u to control your Risk Management as well.

Monthly subscription $100USD/$135SGD by Paypal or Singapore Banks.

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