Thursday, January 23, 2014

Forex Price Action Trading Hack - David Aw   by David Aw



Here’s What Forex Price Action Trading Hack Is All About

spending time with spouse
If you are trading in the stock or forex market. You probably want more winning trades and more income.
But you also want more than that.
You want to spend more time with your loved ones, your family and your friends.
You want the freedom to be and do anywhere, in different countries around the world.

You want to live and work anywhere in the world, and when you feel like it.
You don’t need to have a boss!. Be independent from routine and not answer to anybody.
You can choose to give yourself a pay rise every month!
And let’s face it, you wish to have a home facing the sea or lying at the beach until the sun set now, rather than wait until your are 65!

You Want To Succeed And Yet Something Is Missing.

Don’t be fooled by “trading gurus” telling you that you have to use their no brainer robots to succeed online. Most probably they don’t work as advertised. (and if they did, would their offer price be so low?)
If you’re not getting the profits you want…
If you get your butt kicked every time trend changes…
If you’re confused by all the conflicting price action and candlestick pattern on your trading platform…
Then I’ll help you get where you want to be.
They include discipline, risk tolerance and a knack for patterns.

Here At Forex Price Action Trading Hack

1. I’ll write about my trading success and failures. I have been trading forex since 2006 and there have been a lot of mistakes over the years, so I should always have some stuff to write about!
2. I will write my honest opinions and offer advice to you like you were my friend or little sister.
3. I’ll tell you what I have done that has worked and what hasn’t.
4. And lastly I promise to keep things as simple as possible and as transparent as I can. No ego no bluff.
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My Story

Well, my name is David A. Trading naked has changed my life.
Thanks to trading in the buff, I’ve been positive ever since.
But it wasn’t always this easy…
Before I turn profitable, I was working with indicators, the MACD and Stochastic. Moving averages and trendlines. You name it I most certainly come across it, and know how it works. But it never help my numbers.
I picked up forex in the year 2006. I have been losing money for the past 6 years, until I’ve learned about trading naked.
I stumbled onto Lance Begg’s gem, YTC Price Action Trader.
That book opened my eyes to price action and candlestick pattern for the first time.

Where Are You At Now?

I’m not a full time forex trader neither am I making alot from trading a mini account. But the good news is, as of writing I’m currently making at least 10% on average for the last 10 months since January 2013.
I have three goals set for this blog.
  • To learn,
  • To teach,
  • And to make a living.
Each one is just as important to me, to keep this blog alive and to keep my dream possible.
First, I want to learn. This entire blog has been a journey to learn more. The most important breakthroughs have all been around learning patterns I’ve learned exactly how to understand price behavior and how to turn that behavior into setups. I’m constantly trying new methods, asking people much smarter than me what has worked for them, and trying to implement their advice.
Second, I want to teach. It’s not just that teaching is the best money making method I know (it is!), but also that I enjoy all the other benefits. I want to share everything I learn so that other people will take my ideas and build better things on top of them. I want to help newbies, retirees, and anyone who have been made redundant. To build a recession proof money making skill and hopefully create their own retirement fund.
Finally, I want to make a living online. I teach and sell products so that I don’t have to work for someone else’s company. It gives me freedom to travel and work on what I want. My only requirement is that whenever I sell a product it should deliver far more value than it cost.

What’s Next?

This website is a “blog” which basically means that I add new content on a regular basis to it. So, on the home page, every day you will see a new article. If you would like to get each new article sent to your email inbox or to your feedreader for free then you can subscribe.
And finally, please read the following carefully
Forex trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. The content provided within this blog is property of ForexPriceActionTradingHack and any views or opinions expressed herein are those solely of ForexPriceActionTradingHack and do not represent that of any firm or institution. This website is for educational and/or entertainment purposes only. Use this information at your own risk. is not an investment advisor of any kind, so do not consider anything… click more for disclaimer
Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to connecting with you.


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