Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ghassan Bu Chedid - Live Trade Analysis 3 days course

Live Trade Analysis with top hedge fund manager Ghassan Bu Chedid 

3-day course (Sat, Sun, Mon) Jan-2014  S$3,888  @ Royal Plaza Scotts

Learn to trade and analyse chart LIVE with portfolio manager of world top hedge fund and largest hedge fund in Europe Mr Ghassan Bu Chedid.
Syllabus of Course
Dow theory and application to Trading
Bell Curve and Bell Distribution and it's importance on Volume and Price
Market Sentiment
Psychology of Trading
Emotions and impact on PnL
Economic Cycles - an overview to understanding
Market Cycles
Dow Jones Cycle
Charts - Line and Bar (for this course)
Supply and Demand
Trends and Trend lines (major and minor)
Support and Resistance - how to trade it
Fibonacci series, ratios, extensions an application to trading
Fibonacci Arc & Fan
Volume Analysis and it's importance!
Moving Averages/ Moving Average Envelopes - it's usefulness in trading
Technical Indicators: RSI, MACD, Stochastic, Directional Movement(ADX), Bollinger Bands, Momentum (ROC), ATR, OBV, Money Flow Index
Pattern Analysis: Broadening Top/Bottom, Closing Price Reversal, Consolidation, Cup + Handle, Dead Cat bounce, Dojis, Flags, Gap Analysis, Island Reversals, Double/Triple Bottom, Double/Triple top, Head + Shoulder, Inverted Head + Shoulder, hook reversal, Horn Top/Bottom, Inside day, Outside day, One Day Reversal, Triangles, Saucer Bottoms, Pivot reversal, Channel, Wedge, Wide range Days.
Technical Stops: the importance of identification of these levels and how they impact Stop Losses and their placement.
Stop Losses: understanding the differing types and how it relates directly to Money Management
Money Management/Order size/ Volatility : the intricate relationship between the subjects is critical to minimize risk and increase profits
Technical Trading Structures: learning how to structure trades to enhance trading profits.
This is a very extensive course with very little breaks for coffee and lunch over 3 days.
Time schedule:
Saturday & Sunday - in class teaching
Attendees get homework in the evening for Saturday and Sunday.
Attendees get 3 course books.
Attendees get one Course manual (at least 411 pages) written by Mr Bu Chedid himself, which compiled his 30 years trading knowledge
Monday - live trading 
This is not the kind of course where you learn a few techniques and hope for the best. This an in depth knowledge and understanding of TA applied to trading. 
Mr Bu Chedid hasn’t given any seminars for more than 8 years, and Traders Events are extremely pleased to have been able to secure his availability for a limited time only. 
During the course you will learn the most advanced Technical Analysis trading techniques for end of day and intraday using real live charts for Equities and Forex. 
This course is for serious candidates only, who understand that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, especially in the markets. 
Course fee includes course material and textbooks.
Register now as places are limited due to the small number of candidates per course.
Course Fee is S$3,888. 


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