Friday, January 3, 2014

Spread Trading Course (Eurodollar Futures)

SGX  2-day Course Outline on Eurodollar Futures Spread Trading

1     The Basics
Introduction to Eurodollar Futures
Basic Trading Terminology
Eurodollar Contract Specification
Eurodollar Futures
Various other markets

2 Introduction To Spread Trading
 Inter-commodity Spread
 Intra-commodity Spread

3 The Uniqueness Of Spread Trading
  Reasons for spread trading
  Scalp first, Spread later strategy
  Legging out-of-alignment Spread or auto-legging strategy
  Outright Spread Trading strategy

4      Understanding Spreads
Who trades interest rate futures and why
The difference between settlement and closing prices
Characteristics of a Spread
What moves the market
Methods of Trading
Characteristics of the market
Good Trading Habits

5     Choosing The Different Trading System Platforms
Pats System

6 Butterflies and Condors

7 Creating Positions And Position Cards

Who could and should attend?

Those who want to expand and enhance their trading skills
Those who are interested in switching trading space to interest rate futures
Those who want to lower their trading risk via spread trade
Those who want less fluctuation to their daily P&L
Those who might not be strong in Technical Analysis

What are the expected result attending the course

You will:
Gain practical knowledge and skills to trade SPREAD and interest rate futures
Apply and perform fundamental analysis
Learn spread trading
Apply risk reduction techniques

Course Conducted by Maybank Kim Eng Futures Manager Peter

Date of Course:  July-2012

2 Days, 9am-5pm (includes LIVE trading session)
+ 1 review session ( about 8 weeks from course completion)


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