Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BK Forex Workshop - Borris and Kathy Lien

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FXStreet interview Kathy Lien   Jan-2014



19-Oct-2013   ABCS of Forex Trading To Trading Strategies  S$950
Trading Currencies Can Be Easy...
With The Right Mentor At Your Side.
Forex trading is a serious competition between two sides where there is always a winner and a loser. To be successful in trading the Forex markets, you must have a simple rules-based “Edge”.

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn from Kathy Lien, one of the best known traders in the currency market. She will share with you EVERYTHING that she believes is important to know about the fundamentals. No boring academic complexity. Just solid, practical knowledge that traders can put to use in the market every single day!

In addition to Fundamentals, she will show you how to develop trading strategies, technical indicators, share her latest models and show you proper trading plans and money management techniques to give you an A to Z understanding of what it takes to trade confidently in the currency market.
 Key Learning Points
Get a short but comprehensive beginner’s guide to Forex.
Uncover the 3 Keys to Forex Fundamentals.
Get Tips on Trading the USD, EUR, SGD, AUD, GBP and more!
Discover how to turn Technical Indicators into Trading Strategies.
Learn the Double Bollinger Band Turn, Pierce and Retrace Strategies
Learn the Rollercoaster Strategy to pick tops and bottoms.
Learn the MoMo Strategy to ride market momentum.
Discover a Money Management Secret that will Transform your Trading.
Learn how to Build a Professional Trading Strategy and much much more!
 Why Trade Forex?
Time – Forex traders can trade anytime, anywhere. The Forex market is open and moving 24 hours a day, 5 ½ days a week. Trading occurs in all time zones in the world and can be a part time or full time occupation.
Opportunity – Forex markets are fantastic trending markets that are always moving, there is always a Forex market to trade. They are also made up of markets that are not moving in the same direction. This provides rare non – correlated opportunity. Also, traders can profit in up and down trends by buying long or selling short.
Leverage – Low capital requirements. Forex traders can start with much smaller amounts of money than you need for trading stocks.
Note: Leverage significantly amplifies losses as well as gains. Trading with any level of leverage may not be suitable for all investors.
Online Trading
Webinar 1
An Easy Guide to Understanding the Global Economy - Macroeconomics 101
Webinar 2
Fundamentals that REALLY Move Markets - Everything from Central Bank Intervention to Fixings to Fair Value of Currencies
Webinar 3
How to Predict Economic Data Better than Wall St
You will receive the 3 recorded webinars via email if you sign up by10th October
Course Detail
TopicThe ABCS of Forex Trading to Trading Strategies
Date19th October 2013
Time9.00 am to 6.00 pm
VenueCliftons Singapore Level 11, The Finexis Building, 108 Robinson Road, Singapore.
FeesS$950 (Inclusive of GST)


The Key to Trading Forex is
Having a Useful Trading Strategy

BUT Learning a Trading Strategy
does not automatically equal success

The Key to Effective Trading is Knowing:
        • WHEN the Strategies should be traded
        • WHAT Currency Pairs to trade
        • WHAT Time Frame to use
        • How to Use Proper Stops and Limits
We'll share with you:

Trading Strategies for Different Market Conditions.
Money Management.
ALL the Ingredients
that we believe are needed for
Trading Success in
One Single Trading Course.


May 23 to June 29, 2013
5 Weeks of Webinars
10+ Hours of Training
One Live Seminar in Singapore

You will Learn Strategies for:
          • Trading Trend
          • Picking Tops and Bottoms
          • Scalping
          • Breakouts
AND for the first time ever, have the opportunity
to TAKE HOME our personally developed
MT4 Expert Advisor

S$ 650
Early Bird Special ending 17May2013
Single Ticket S$488, Pair Ticket S$398
Bonus - Forex Mastery Live 14-hours video by Mario Singh(S$888)
Bonus (first 30 signups) - High Probability Trading Seminar Videos by Kathy Lien (S$288)

 Week#1 What Market Are We in?
Learn How to identify and trade all 5 market conditions
- Range
- Trend
- Breakout/momentum
- Reversal
- Volatillity

Week#2  How to trade trends?
- How to jump o trend early
- How to join a trend on a retrace
- A BK exclusive trend following trading strategy

Week#3  How to pick tops and bottos with less risk
- How to pick short term tops and bottoms
- How to pick medium term tops and bottoms
- 2 Strategies: Probative Trades vs Momentum Plays

Week#4  The Benefit of breakout trading
- Why breaouts are our favorite way to trade
- Unique Money Management tactics for breakout trading

Week#5 How using signals from stocks and bonds can sharpen your forex trading
- How to use bond yields, spreads/stock indexes/forwards/options for forex traders
- All about the commitment of traders report
- Strategies on trading commodities and indices in relation to the fundamentals of FX

Live Seminar in Singapore
The Big Trade - learn a popular shares trading strategy that we believe works in forex
Expert Advisor MT4 strategy - from inception to implementation to coding an expert advisor and results
Learn about scalping in the forex market
Automated vs Discretionary Trading
Bonus - Get the EA free

Special Bonus: Two LIVE trading sessions in July

"We wil provide information on how to copy our trades in Singapore!"


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