Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jonathan Tan

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13Oct13 2pm-5pm at Cityindex #20-01 6 Battery Road

3-day Master Chart Reading Program  $2,388
Day-1 How and when to use technical analysis
Understand its benefit and limitations so that you will learn the essential of technical analysis
Understand the market psychology to take advantage of market fears and hype
How to trade trends and holding on to maximize your profits

Day-2 How to pick tops and bottoms with less risk
Understand the right setup to scalp in smaller timeframe by picking the tops and bottoms to picking the right tie for a potential change of trends for longer term trading

Day-3 Trading in different market conditions
Understand when the market is ranging and how to take advantage of buy low and sell high
When breakout happens, how to spot it and trade fast and furious with buy high and aim to go higher. The sky is the limit.
Or trade casually without the high pressure of investing with the trend
Developing the ultimate Buy Signal (UBS) and Ultimate Sell Signal (USS)
Moving from the path of reckless trader to consistent part time trader and ultimately becoming a full time trader and investor.

After 3 day program you will be able to start next day with a real-time MoneyPot alert on the potential trade setup.

25May2013 2pm-5pm at Cityindex #20-01 6 Battery Road   Jimmy Wong @ CityIndex
Regional Markets 2013 and More by Jonathan Tan

2pm - Market Updates
3pm - Break
3.15pm - More than Stocks, why trade multiple instruments?
5pm - End

Market likely to have small correction in May-13 then run up higher high by 22Jun13 then then down till July-13. A new peak may come again around mid-Dec-13 (Sandy prediction is Oct-13) then market crash down all the way.

Available tools to pick stocks
MatrixChart  System OPS
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Trade Stocks
High investment entry
High capital needed
Takes time to grow
So many stocks to look at every single day
The toughest part is, which one to pick?

Quoted Hang Seng CFD index
HS 22,650 / 6 about S$3,800
Using CFD margin /20 = S$190 for 1 HS CFD
1 S&P CFD about S$100!

Forex - M15 and 200SMA, 200EMA charts for

One Strategy for today:
Hairs on top, cut it down
Hairs at bottom, stand up
Hairs = shadow, long tail
Best if 2 or 3 long hair bar together

For SnP 930pm-11pm/12am look for long shadow,

TP - Risk/reward 1:1. 2 lot strategy. Take 1 at R/R 1:1 and set to break even for second lot.
TP can use Fibonacci and Bollinger Band as well

4-day Master Chart Reading Program at Waterloo Center  S$2,788
20-21July13   Sat/Sun
28-29July13   Sun/Mon
Today only S$2,388 and first 30 get S$2,200.


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