Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Courtney Smith

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Courtney Smith’s seminar brief summary on 28/5/13 by Cityindex at Parkmall.

Courtney Smith is very encouraging to the audience last night. He is giving a seminar in Aug. If u sign up, he will give his money for u to trade. If u loss money, he will not ask u for it. Want to try? U miss this chance , have to wait till he comes again.

Trading is an ideal business

1.     He believes everybody can be rich traders. He thinks skill+knowledge= luck

2.     He thinks trading must trade the seasonal products for Futures
Eg> Corn : in nov n Dec is the harvest time so prices usually go down
3.     In winter, the Easten part of Canada is very cold n rivers are frozen. It is difficult to export so the commodity prices usually go down but in June is reversed.

4.     He has a book: Seasonal charts for Futures traders
A source book

5.     He showed us some seasonal Futures charts;
Eg: long Oct crude oil : oil rally n sell off soon
      April 2014 platinum

He almost has 100% winning trades.

He thinks psychology is critical:
He gives Casino as example:
i.                 He advised us not to go to casino because casino plays games that only they win.
ii.               Traders must learn to win every trade (at least 85%)
iii.              Use techniques that are proven n that we can win.
iv.              He doesn’t want to use methods that r not proven. He was not in favour of Eillot Waves or Fibronachii.
v.                Casino controls its risk at $25-$500. We must control our risks by STOP LOSS.
vi.              Never feel fear or anxiety. The casino trades n takes money from the traders. They play games that they have confidence to win. They control risk n execute fearlessly.
vii.            We need to control our emotion. Can’t let ego gets into the way. He related his winning n losing trades due to his control of emotion. When he wins he thinks he is God, then when he breaks the rules and turn to losses.

His strategies include:
1.     Inside Days strategy:
2.     DO what the market tells us what to do.
3.     If the bar is lower than yesterday, sell. If it is higher , buy.

4.     Eliminate concept:
This occurs everyday. 73% profitable.

He plays a lot of inside day trades. He was interviewed on TV over 1000 times. The hedge Fund that he managed (The Marco Fund) rated No 1. So as his Mutual Fund. He spends only 15-45 minutes a day. He uses the right strategies to win. His most winning trades are from Inside day strategies.

His other books include:
Option Strategies (3rd edition)
A Guaranteed Income For Life

This summary is for educational purpose only.



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