Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cassava Grower Investment - Marco Robinson

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Cassava Grower Invesment by MarcoRobinson and The Valley of Wealth Pte Ltd.

Andy Liang  COO  Valley of Wealth Pte Ltd   (MoC Reg Co.  1435KH/2012)
a subsidiary of Max Generation Group of Companies

Chee Wen Pin    Marco Robinson Pte Ltd  (201216589Z)
Director of Business Development  9386-3963
 71 Lorong 23 Geylang #07-02 Singapore 388386   6396-4582

"Create Wealth For EveryOne" 

Founder of Lifetime Investor Club
Author of number one bestseller "Close the Deal and Suddenly Grow Rich!"

International Plaza #10-28   27Oct12 Sat 2pm-330pm. - Invest In Certainty

How to achieve Financial Freedom?
Out of 100 people who finish work after 40 years:
   Only 1 is financially free!
   36 are dead
   59 are broke
   4  still forced to work

Start to secure your financial future NOW! To get a passive income.

A lucrative investment and no thanks to the looming food shortage crisis.
- Estimated 925 million people go sleep hungry every night (as at 2010)
- 13.1% of world population
- 70% malnourished children live in Asia
- Food shortage catastrophe from 700 million people sleep hungry to 925 million over last 5 years
- World population increase and Food supply decrease

Rare and exclusive investment opportunity -The Cassava Grower Scheme

Cassava more popularly known as Tapioca. It has 1001 uses in all its various forms of production which is why this in demand product is almost outstripping supply. Include: Baby food, biodiesel and other biofuels alcohol, ethanol, flour and starch, Krupuk or crackers is a major use of tapioca starch in Indonesia.

Cassava chips export price has increased from US150 ton to US250 ton for the last one year as more people become aware of the earth's limited resources. (one acre of land estimate to produce 100 ton Cassava).

Cambodia has PH level 6 to 6.5 most suitable for Cassava.

For 2.5 acres of land to yield 609% return.

Payout Tables (based on one plot = 2.5 acres of land, grower's fee GF = US22,000)
Year 1 -  10% of GF   US2,200
Year 2 - 10%
Year 3 - 12%
Year 4 - 12%
Year 5 - 13%
Year 6 - 13%
Year 7 - 14%
Year 8 - 16%

Year 9 - 30  
Average annual Cassava price per metric ton + Fresh fruit bunch (FFB) output between 20-34.99 ton/acre

Dr Ung Huot - Former Cambodia Prime Minister
Dr. Tan Swee Lian - Principal Scientific Research Officer.

Started beginning of the year 2012 with 250 plots of land now only 28 plots left.
1 plot = 2.5 acres estimate to produce 250 tonns Cassava.

Today offer only 4 plots to 4 investors only for Cassava VIP members. (One plot is USD22,000):

-8 years guarantee capital return
-Free membership to Marco Robinson Lifetime Investor Club (USD1,600)
-plus bonus
1 grower plot 3,000 sq ft of land (USD440)
2 growers plot 6,000 sq (USD 1,320)
3 growers plot 6,000 sq (USD 1,320) + fully paid site visit 3 days/2 nights 5-star accommodation includes meals in Cambodia (USD 1,500)


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