Friday, October 26, 2012

TradeTheMarkets - John Carter

John Carter trader from

Focus on a variety of time frame but keep longer time frames in mind.

Use limit order (wait for price come to you) not market immediate order. This will force you to plan the trades and not enter impulsively.

Do fewer trades but well planned trades.

Don't lose > 5% of capital on any one trade

If trade doesn't meet your setup, don't chase and take it.

If miss an entry, relax, wait for another opportunity will present itself.

When in doubt, GET OUT.

TTM (TradeTheMarket) Trend - Harkernasih bar:  change only after 6 consecutive bars, not a single engulfing or reversal, to eliminate false signal.

Bolinger band - look for Squeeze via Keltner channel.

In trading, Bulls make money, Bears also make money, but Pigs get slaughter.

Strategy:  Daily chart 21D-EMA
best on Silver.
How far is the TP and SL? Use ATR.
when ATR > 30-35 = extreme
best is ATR +/- 18 pt above and below 21D-EMA


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