Saturday, October 27, 2012

MiniCharts workshop - Chua Ming Lun

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Minicharts workshop at Bestway Building Podium B #02-28 on 27-Oct-12 930pm-1130am.

Chua Ming Lun ( & Valerie Zhuo (P7) Lim & Tan remisier.

Free SGX stocks datafeed. For client and SIAS members additional HKEX, AMEX, NASD and NYSE market data free.

MiniChart: A Simple Charting Software
Always looking for a good charting tool to read chart and scan stocks? Introducing MiniChart. Developed for chartists by chartist. Discover a whole myriad of technical analysis tools here to aid you in your trades. Get your unfair advantage now!

1.) View multiple timeframe in one screen.
2.) Sort and run through the chart of the scanned results easily
3.) Customized your own workspace
4.) Wide range of default indicators with flexibility to adjust your own parameter
5.) Save watch lis.
6)  Stock scanning and selection via few preset form and rulas and indicators
For all new and existing client thru the instructor will receive 5% discount on all stocks transaction brokerage fee.
< $50k contract value  0.275%
> $50k   but < $100k   0.215%
> $100k   0.175%
Stock recommendation for coming weeks based on MiniCharts scanning:
OUE, F&N, M1, HPH, Sim Lian.


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