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Trading Naked - Dr. Foo Loon Sung Apr-2014

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Trading Naked (TN) consists of 4 modules:

Module 1 – Foundations Of Trading
Module 2 – Trading Naked Methodology
Module 3 – Live Practical Trading
Module 4 – Professional Trading

Module 1 – Foundations of TradingIn this module, the emphasis is to develop a strong foundation to trade the financial markets. It will consist of the following areas:

1. Mechanics of the markets
2. Market structure of the markets

1. Macroeconomic analysis of the markets
2. Economic and other drivers of the markets
3. Economic indicators of the economy

1. Market Sentiments




Target Audience
Duration15 contact hours = 5 evenings or 2 full days, seminar

Module 2 – Trading Naked MethodologyTN is a radically and refreshing approach to trading. The aim of TN is to use price action based on specific setups and candle price patterns. TN workshop consists of two components:

In this module, students will learn about price behaviour and patterns. The main emphasise is to learn and apply high probability candle patterns and setups. Further, you will learn the eight TN trading strategies.

Target Audience
Duration18 contact hours = 6 evenings, workshop (theory + market)

Module 3 – Live Practical TradingFour weeks of live trading under the guidance of Dr. Foo.

Duration21 contact hours = 2 evenings per week for 4 weeks.

Module 4 – Professional TradingEight weeks of live trading based on proprietary trading using own funds or TRT funds.

Duration48 contact hours = 2 evenings per week for 8 weeks

Advance level - Harmonic Trading   and Snipper Trading       mid-2014

Harmonic wave based on Elliott Wave (12345ABC) and Gartley (XABCD) theory.

Snipper Trading is more on London Opening trade for 10 pips (or 100 points) profit enter at 2pm and exit 230pm.


Trading Naked Gen2 (TN Gen2), Dr Foo              Nov-12

Trading Naked is back! This very popular 6-session course for beginners has been updated with additional strategies for trading the financial markets. Attendees will also receive Dr Foo's latest technical indicator software and the 2nd Edition of Dr Foo's 'Trading Naked' book.

Previews: 7.30 pm, Nov 7 and 14
Dates: 7-10 pm, Nov 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
Cost: $2,388 (until Nov 14); $2,888 (after Nov 14)
Link: TN Gen2 Registration


6-session course for Forex beginners  S$2,388

Attendees also receive Dr Foo's latest technical indicator software and 2nd edition "Trading Naked" book.


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