Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trading Global Futures Markets - OTA Michelle Volmering

Trading Global Futures Markets

Online Trading Academy (OTA) 2-day workshop 
S$388 (early)  Michelle Volmering & Shamus O'Connor

When:    10–11 November 2012   10:00am – 5:00pm
Location (Day 1):   MND Seminar Room  7 Maxwell Road  Annexe A Singapore, 069111
Location (Day 2):  Raffles City Convention Centre 80 Bras Basah Road (Part of Fairmont Hotel)

If need more information, please call +65 64239788 or email:

Professional traders have higher chance of making money with trading a variety of markets. They do not restrict themselves to just trading stocks or forex, but more markets like crude oil, gold, commodities etc.
Would you like to learn more about:
  • How to use Supply and Demand strategy to make money?
  • What Global Futures are and why trade Global Futures?
  • How you can leverage on trading index, crude oil, Gold, financials, meats& grains, softs and currencies?
  • How does understanding of the Futures market help you as a stock or forex trader?
  • How many financial institutions are making fortunes in buying and selling in these markets?
In Trading Global Futures Markets for Short Term Income & Long Term Wealth, Shamus O'Connor and Michelle Volmering will show you exactly why this is, and how you can learn to think and act like an institution with short term trading and longer term investing.
In 2001, Shamus decided to use his knowledge of trading and the brokerage business to help people. He began touring the country, educating individual investors on how to trade the equity, options and foreign currency markets. He has been a professional lecturer involved with educating people on how to become successful in these markets since 2001.
In 2003, while continuing to trade her own stocks, futures and retirement portfolios, Michelle began her career as an instructor and mentor. Michelle's unique approach and diverse background gives any student with a passion for investing/trading the tools and confidence necessary to increase their consistency and potentially their profitability in the financial markets.
During the Market Timing Class, you'll learn:
  • Ways to take advantage of global market correlations with the five major groups of futures markets.
  • Never be a victim to gapping stocks again by using futures as a hedge.
  • How to use futures to trade as a short term cash flow vehicle.
  • Long term capital gains tax treatments for short term trading income with futures.
  • How to balance a portfolio using futures correlations to increase leverage and opportunities.
  • Simple rule based market timing for short term income and long term wealth
  • Core strategy rules to buy and sell exactly where institutions are buying and selling
  • Risk management for low risk, high reward trading and investing
  • "The 3 Hour Trader" – A low risk, high reward and high probability trading opportunities.
  • The two key mistakes of the novice trader
  • Charting principles of the master trader
  • Core strategy application in trading Equity Index Futures
  • Core strategy application in trading Energy and Metal Futures
  • Core strategy application in trading Commodity Futures
  • Core strategy application in trading Forex Futures
Normal price: $1995
Special price for Singapore: $888
Early bird price by 31st October: $428 (S$388 for Saxobank and early early bird)


The 3 day (actually 2 days plus the 3rd day a bit of repeat) workshop over the weekend was not bad (especially the food..haha).

I did learn to see a new way to find “support” and “resistences” which they called “demand” and “supply” zones.   That said, I ended up signing up for their 5 day professional futures trading course (next Feb/Mar) for a grand price of $3,612 (with unlimited re-take).  This price is after the $1K discount for signing up a Think or Swim account and deducting the $388 workshop fee).  My aim is to learn to trade futures on a short term (preferably intraday) basis.  I decided to sign up for this instead of the Concept of Price course that I was also tempted earlier as this course content will be more generic and can apply to different markets or time frames whereas for COP, although they claimed high accurately and success rates, it can only apply to Russell 2000 and I suspect some his strategies could be like “black-box”.

Unfortunately at this price, there will be no “handholding” whatsoever after the course.  The handholding (known as XLT – extended learning track) would have cost another $14,375 more (lifetime)!  I was interested to just add the pro-pick which goes for $3K/yr (so that I can get better ideas how trades were selected, to me it is similar to handholding) but unfortunately it is only available to those who sign up for XLT as well.  So I will just go for the plain vanilla Futures course and hopefully learn enough from there to be on my own.  Besides pro-futures, they also have pro-trade (stocks), pro-options, pro-forex classes.  The instructors will be some one from their pool of about 60 mastermind trainers (from US).   Unlimited life-time re-sit of classes allowed at their OTA centres globally.

The basic fees are (from price stated below, you can less $1K if open a TOS a/c and another $388 for workshop participants)

1.       3 day pro-trader (stocks) + 5 day pro-futures course + personal trading plan  - $7,888  (pro-futures alone was $5K)
2.       The above + lifetime extended learning tract (XLT, 1 asset class)) + 1 year pro-picks (1 asset class) = $16,888
3.       The above but with 2 asset classes (eg futures & forex or stock and options etc) for the XLT and pro-picks = $30,888 (!!!)

TOS brokerage rates for OTA students are (USD, 1 leg)
Futures $2
Options $1.25 (no charge for closing options whose price is below 5 cts)
Stocks $5 (per 100 shares, regardless of the value).

Summary of the workshop…
1.       It’s really all about identifying demand and supply zones (not a single level but a zone) in various time frames.  Trade usually in the direction of the bigger trend but will go counter trend if it is going into a “quality” demand (support) or supply (resistence) zones seen on the bigger time frame.  (a lot of time it seem rather counter-trend to me though..).  From I can see, these zones are usually not quite the top nor bottom of our typical support and resistences.. it is identified by area of where there is a few candles in a sideway consolidation and then followed by a big move out of this range (up or down).  There are “quality” and not “quality” dd and ss zones so hopefully in the course we can learn to identify clearly which are the quality ones.
2.       Risk : Reward must be at least 1:2 (usually 1:3) before we enter the trade.  Risk is the zone size plus another few ticks as stop loss will be just below or above the zone.
3.       Once we have identified the setups, we can always automate our trades by placing, (say for a Long trade), a Buy limit order with OCO for target and stop loss.

We were shown examples of the success rates of their strategies (based on their pro-picks signal) which I copied down quickly:

For the period 1/1/11 – 31/10/12 (actually I’m not sure if the results are over a year or 1 yr 10mths as my dates could be wrong)
Stocks (return of 107% of the trading capital of 100K, with Risk:Reward of min 1:2)
Total signals                        – 1072
Pending                               - 11
Profitable trades              - 250
Losing trades                     - 183
Closed, no entry               - 583
Closed, break even         - 30

% K gain = 146% (over 1 yr or 1y and 10 mths, not sure which)
Ave win = $818
Ave loss = ($406)
Total profit $72,896

%K  gain = 100%
Ave win = $939
Ave loss = ($418)

If we analyse their success rate for stocks, we realize that out of the number of trades that were closed with either a profit or loss, abt 42% are losing trades and only 58% are wining trades! But bec of their strict min 1:2 risk:reward ratio, they are able to be quite profitable.   Hence the conclusion is that MONEY MANAGEMENT is the single most important criteria…haha..

That’s why they emphasize a fair bit on having a detail personal trading plan.

So at the end of the day, find a strategy that can work at least 50% of the time with a risk:reward of at least 1:2.  This is probably the holy grail J

OLTA centre around the fundemantal of Supply and Demand , Details and Whole Sales Price, Institution and Details Buying and Selling from charts to suggest Entry and Exit Points to take the trades.

ST take the approach of Spread Trading on Intermarkets (overvalued and undervalued) which is difficult for me to follow. Their students like it and practice his style. I did not try at all. ST and his 15 students make loses on 14/11 T sessions. His approach does not work on that day! 

YCK uses TA to awing trade. One lady I met last night  say YCK's approach is not good.

Leonard Kok's Black Box sculping may be good for some others.

My friend attended Daniel Loh's Options Course $1800 and could not start trading. Good or Bad?
I afraid you may have to attend all the previews yourself to get a feel of it and focus on one approach which fit your style.
Julia has been misled ( coned? ) by me too quick to land on a $5000($3612) 5-Day Course. Same to another lady who sign up a $16000 package. They saw me signing up and jump in also. So sorry about it. I may have to foot half of the bill is Julia PCN at the end.
My approach is to hedge my portfolio taking the Long term view and short term views using Futures and Options on Futures. I explore in this direction all avenues that could help me to develop strategies of my own. 
I could be biased if I mix my right and wrong understandings to you. Eventually you have to mix them up and develop your own strategies based on you understandings.


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