Wednesday, October 31, 2012

FX Market Outlook Q4 - DBS FX

Date:          31 Oct 2012, Wednesday
Time:          7.00pm - 9.00pm (Registration & refreshments start at 6.30pm)
Venue:        STI Auditorium, Level 9, Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Road,

FX Market Outlook Q4 and Beyond - by DBS FX Vickers Securities

Arrived at 6.35pm and two pretty ladies from DBS registering. About 80 attended.

Simple refreshment with only carrot cakes, chicken wings and panda cake plus water, tea or coffee. Good enough for a simple dinner.

7pm - 720pm
Opening Address by Eddie Ng, Vice President, Derivatives DBS Vickers
Introduction to DBSV Derivatives suites of products and services.
For FX trading platform minimum deposit is S$5,000 with minimum contract size at 10k, (0.1 lot).
plus 24 x 5 voice broking help desk.

An Overview of the Global Financial Landscape in US and Europe by
      John Carter - Global Managing Editor of MNI Deutsche Boerse Group (News provider)
      Attendee can sign up for a free two months trial on the news service.
    §   A look at 2012
    §   Analyse the impact and correlation of important economic indicators

Outlook of the Asian and Major Currency Pairs  by
     Philip Wee, Senior Vice President - Group Research DBS Bank
   §    Short- and long-term predictions
   §     Identify key factors and how they signal price changes to the currencies
   §     Identify rewarding FX trading opportunities
  1. Most of the major Asian cur ex-Japan against SGD are heading downward except for the Indian Rupee
  2. German election in Sept or Oct 2013
  3. Changes in Germany constitution requires a referendum, may have approval problem - depending on who is elected
  4. China new badge of leaders will be announced in 2 weeks time  
  5. From technical analysis, USD/SGD headed downwards at every end of QE
  6. From the trend channel, USD/SGD may trend down to as low as 1.168 going forward
  7. USD/JPY looks bearish
  8. SGD is likely to post another record high in 2013
 840pm - 9pm  Q & A session


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