Sunday, October 14, 2012

High-Frequency Trading (HFT) - Kartman Hu

This 2-evening workshop (S$500) aims to impart a technique for using a low timeframe to get into a trade early by using Price Action. This results in better risk & reward and consistency in trading. Price Action is widely used by professional traders; however not many are able to precisely pinpoint entries and exits. Traders have to learn to use Price Action to trigger entry, and take profit when the target is reached.

You will learn:
  • How to manage your trades and where to put your stop loss;
  • How to apply Price Action with Fibonacci Retracement & Expansion; and
  • How to spot high-probability setups on a low time-frame trigger by using a consistent methodology, risk management & money management.

Kartman Hu
Kartman Hu specialises in stocks and currency speculation, and is well acquainted with swing trading using technical analysis, Elliott Waves and Fibonacci.
His Forex trading strategies are based on price patterns over multiple time-frames with multiple entries on support and resistance (optimum region). He strongly believes that risk management, emotional balance and trading psychology form the principles of successful trading.
With an innate passion in trading and training, he regularly conducts basic and professional workshops for the public on price patterns and technical analysis strategies.
Kartman has recently started a Traders' Club ("Winning The Forex Trading Game") in Singapore, and serves as its moderator.


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